Life List

ABOUT the Life List: Inspired by the MTV reality show “The Buried Life,” and also by the movie “The Bucket List” (starring Jack Nicholson) and numerous other inspiring endeavors taken on by superpeople in this world, I decided to make my own ‘Bucket List’ of sorts. I, however, am not thinking of this in terms of ‘Things To Do Before I Die” but more of “Things I Want to Accomplish in my Life.” It may mean the same thing, but it certainly sounds more cheerful and whatnot. This list will be ongoing. As in, I can add numbers any darn time I wish to. Each time I complete something on my Life List, I shall blog about it. Also, some of these list items have been completed since the time I first wrote these goals down. Therefore, on random lazy blogging days, I shall tell you about them.
  1. Graduate from high school/attend and graduate college
  2. Play the song ‘Rose’ from Titanic on a piano for my grandparents
  3. Attend a UNC Tarheels basketball game
  4. Learn how to box
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. See the New Years’ Ball drop in Times Square
  7. Find a pearl in an oyster
  8. Watch a meteor shower with my best friend
  9. Travel the world: visit the Seven World Wonders, put my foot on all seven continents
  10. Attend a midnight showing of a movie (Harry Potter 7?!)
  11. Purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin heels
  12. Purchase a Chanel 2.55 black quilted bag
  13. Own a dress by Marchesa and/or Elie Saab
  14. Own a Hermes Birkin
  15. Save a life
  16. Learn to surf
  17. Go parasailing
  18. Go skydiving
  19. Visit the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios
  20. Meet the Buried Life boys
  21. Help build a house
  22. Host a dinner party for my family
  23. Lie on a hammock by the ocean and just relax
  24. Fall in love
  25. Learn to canoe or kayak
  26. See the ice sculptures in Harbin, China
  27. Go on a hot-air balloon ride
  28. Witness Northern Lights (aurora borealis)
  29. Witness a solar eclipse
  30. Write a novel and a completed fanfiction of HZGG or HP
  31. Go scuba-diving or snorkeling… Preferably snorkeling
  32. Go on a good-old-fashioned picnic
  33. Fly in a helicopter over volcanoes
  34. Go swimming with bioluminescent plankton
  35. Dangle my feet in the Mediterranean Sea and visit Greece and Italy while I’m at it; also, watch the sun rise and set over the Aegean Sea
  36. Eat an In-N-Out Burger
  37. Catch a firefly, make a wish, and then release it
  38. Go mudding
  39. Go ziplining


In My Life, I Am Going To…


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