Travel Diary: An American in China

June 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Once I’m back home in the States, I shall repost everything from my Blogspot and revamp the whole design of this blog, since I was rather fond of the old one. As for time being that I’m cut off from the HTML, the design, the old posts, and all that merriment, I shall crack open the spine of this new novel and update the world on my doings.

First things first- I love being able to spend time with my family. I only get to see most of them once a year, so I’m definitely relishing these moments with them. I’m also traveling a bunch here. Usually, I do travel around China a lot, but mostly as a tourist. I’m one of those oddballs craning my neck to look at cool structures and oohing and aahing at pretty objects. This time, however, I’m traveling more on a logistical note- picking up the sis, helping her settle in, and I’m about to head off to visit my dad’s family as well. In other words, I’ve been a busy little bee.

Anyways, I have been a bit snap-happy this vacation, using my nifty little phone to take pictures of all the yummy food I devour and other fun things I see.

Case in point: traaaavelling shots!

My lovely travel mate, Vera Bradley… OWL print!!

Airplane movies, what fun 🙂

I watched a mammoth load (not quite) of movies on my flight(s) to China. En route to Vancouver, I watched Valentine’s Day (love love LOVE) and When In Rome (mehhh… though Josh Duhamel was quite the sight to see). From Vancouver to Tokyo, I played around with Air Canada’s entertainment system and saw Young Victoria and Leap Year– two very different movies, but both are equally impressive and spectacular. I also rewatched The Hangover, which was probably not the best idea as my obnoxious laughter most likely disturbed my sleeping neighbor every other minute.

Catching up on some InStyle at the Tokyo airport… three hour connection :/

Yeah, not quite sure what this one’s about… I was half asleep at the rest stop in the car ride between Shanghai and Nanjing… Looks pretty snazzy though, huh?

Still in the car, listenin’ to my music. Leave it to me to wear my (then) new one-day-old cardigan on such a tedious trip!

Oh, boy was I excited to be home! I zonked out about three seconds after this photo was taken. Random fact- apparently the Chinese prefer their beds hard as ROCK! The bed I’m currently lounging on is literally a couple cotton pads and a sheet on top of a wood and leather bed. Comfyyyyy.

See ya, lovelies!



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