Travel Diary: An American in China, 3

June 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Good morning!

We left off with some traveling and some settling in. I was jetlagged for quite a bit, groggy in the afternoon and bouncing off the walls in the morning. I think I’m still a tad imbalanced. I’ve been sleeping at around 9 or 10 at night and waking up at like 7 am. Haven’t done that since fifth grade.

Today, I’ma show you what I was doing for the first three-ish days in Nanjing.

There was a lot of this:

I hung out by myself at home a lot when my madre was sorting out gifts for the fam. This place is teeny tiny, so there’s not much to do. Chinese soap operas + a healthy dose of Facebook-less Internet.

There was a lot of chilling in the hospital when I visited the g’rents. They are adorable people, but there’s only so much to do in a hospital room. You know what I did? Play LineUp Pro on my phone. New high score πŸ™‚

There was also a lot of this:

Substitute a million other tasty treats for that tiramisu, as well. I’ve been eating NONSTOP. It’s like: eat, walk somewhere, eat, eat, drink something, eat, restaurant time, eat, visit people, eat.

Oh, oh, look! Cherries πŸ™‚ This was quite possibly the only serving of fruit I’ve had in the past three weeks and it was a delicious one at that. I just wanted you to see that I’m not really loading up on all things carbs and fat.


…I tried to steal a baby. Just kidding! No, I went to go pick up the little one from daycare with my cousin, aunt, and mommy. They told me to go on ahead into her classroom and see if she could recognize me. I did so. We conveniently forgot that the teachers don’t know me and it would be kind of weird for a total stranger to appear in a room of 3-year-olds. Yeah. Anyways, we got our baby out of there and towards something fun, which I don’t remember.

Finally, we had a big family dinner! My mom has 3 sisters and a brother, so when you include their families, I have a very big family indeed. It gets pretty raucous.

Know who I hung out with?

Yep, guessed it in one. See that innocent, darling little face? Looks are deceiving. The little heathen was swatting me with a fly swatter. So I said “No, sweetie, those are used to hit bugs.” She replied, “YOU’RE A BUG!” Swat. Therefore, I stole her jelly bean necklace and she was mad at me.

But, you see, I’m weak. And, as a weak person would do, I gave her back the necklace and even threw in a slice of watermelon. All is forgiven. We’re BFFs again πŸ™‚

Peace out, dear ones, I’m off to see what awaits my tummy.



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