234 Years Ago…

July 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

We declared our independence. Woohoo, cheers to liberty 🙂 It feels so strange to be in a country other than the USA on this red, white, and blue holiday. Truth be told, I haven’t celebrated the Fourth of July in America for years.

No worries though, I celebrate this wondrous day in my own little bubble. I wore a red-ish dress with a white belt. I knocked it over the edge with some navy striped flip flops 🙂 And I obnoxiously and repeatedly sang the Star Spangled Banner while sipping a caramel macchiato.

Anyways, today was blazin’ hot. Like, my eyes were literally burning from the intense sunlight. I could breathe the heat. It was nasty and sticky and gross. I thank the Lord for air-conditioning, which brings me to the topic of my spiel today.

A couple of weeks ago, I foolishly told my sister, “I was born in the wrong generation.” I was fascinated by the ancient Chinese- their intricate clothing, their structured lifestyle, all the interesting little factoids I’ve gained from Wikipedia. My sentiment was not brought on only by the Chinese. Oh, what I would give to live a day in the life of Laura in Little House on the Prairie. Life just seemed a whole lot more content and simple way back when.

234 years ago, our Founding Fathers lived without proper toilets, antibiotics, or even light bulbs. They didn’t have refrigerators, pens, or sunscreen! Let’s not even get to TVs, cell phones, iPods, or the Internet. Call me materialistic, but I wouldn’t know how to survive as a woman even forty years ago– being restrained in clothing or living choices, having to be domestic, labeled as a woman instead of a person.

Washing clothes in the river and talking funny (no lol’s or ttyl’s for Mr. George Washington) may sound romantic in theory, but I’d be dead bored without Internet-surfing and failing school without Google. I’d be stuck in a world without airplanes to show me the world or stilettos to shock my grandmother.

So, the lesson an extremely hot and humid day has taught me is: I’m 100%, completely, utterly, definitely a 21st century girl.

I am off to revel in the beauty of technology in the form of Chinese soap operas,



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