Travel Diary 2: 480 Minutes in Vancouver

July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment


Finally found some time to settle down and blog. Hope you’re not too disappointed with me! Like I said, the last “An American in China” segment will be here very early August. Meanwhile, I will start you off with some Vancouver business and then get straight into San Francisco!

My daddy and I got off the airplane at around 11 in the morning after an extra-long day of planes and skies. I was so thankful for some land. We met up with my daddy’s old friend’s daughter and wife (you get that?) and they showed us around some beautiful sights of Vancouver and took us out for some comidas. They are amazingly nice, lovely people!

On our slow descent, we were treated to views of snowcapped mountains, winding rivers, and even a speedy mini plane.

Welcome to Canada! Such a wonderful country, and the eye candy’s not shabby at ALL!

The most amazing scenery:

Seagulls were overhead every second of the day! I was scared to death because they were, ahem, doing their business from up above and I was terrified that one would land in my hair.

Charming little water gas station:

These gas stations are used for these:

Adorable little planes to get across the water (through water or through sky) towards those beautiful mansions on the mountain!

We also went to Stanley Park and saw totem poles, which are very special to the city:

Not only are there gorgeous mountains, there are the sweetest little mini-beaches:

But, wait, there’s more! Treeeeeeeeees! Lots of trees! You know what trees do? They give shade! Aaaaand, they give us oxygen! That’s why the air is so refreshing up there.

Observe the beauty:

I spent some major quality time with this dude (Lions Gate Bridge):

Oh, and we had this in mind:

Finally, we visited the Public Market for a bit, which was dandy and fun:

Saw many pretty birdies:

Bye bye Birdy!

This day trip was so fun and the sights were some of the loveliest I’ve seen. Just one crazy thought… Vancouverites consider 30 degrees Celsius as a heat wave. Like, whaaaaaat?!



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