Sweet Home Houston

July 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

…But not.

You see, I’m actually not in Houston and I’m having a blast here in Palo Alto. It’s a pretty amazing place. To be honest, I’ve been so caught up in this whirlwind that I haven’t even stopped to breathe, much less blog.

I’ve usually been getting up at around 6:00 AM (give or take) to finish up last minute edits on essays and to call my family and to get gussied up. Then, we head off to breakfast and usually grab a couple of muffins to go (they are absolutely deeelish) or we get a couple of scoopful of eggs for protein (not so yummy). Class is from 9-11:30. We have discussions and lectures about writing techniques and edit our essays from the night previous. We watch video clips that showcase the most perfect examples for our topics and talk about essays from The Best American Essays, 2009 Edition. Then, everyone heads off to lunch and goes back to the house for about half an hour before study hall begins. Study hall lasts from 1:00-3:30 and is just a really chill time where the house is silent and everyone’s either reading, writing, or discussing. It’s always when everyone is sneakily on Facebook and Youtube… That’s why one must rush home to get a good computer facing away from the counselors.

After study hall comes the fun part. We have a quick snack time and then head off for activities. Some activities are completely obscure, like African dance lessons or friendship bracelets. Others are more sporty, like sand volleyball or Ultimate Frisbee. Still others are a bit more mundane like mall trips and trips to downtown. The best ones are the Stanford traditions, such as fountain-hopping (yayyyyyyy!) and walking the Dish. We come back from activities around 6:00, head straight for dinner, come back to the house and do whatever the heck we want until 10:00, when we have a house meeting and then bedtime at 11:00. Whewwwww, tough days! 🙂

Anyways, here’s what I did in my very few days (two, to be exact) in Houston:

It was soooo hot and humid in good ol’ Houston that mosquitos were literally dying in the burning car. Wowzaaa. Good thing I’m in land of the sweaters… San Francisco!

The first thing we did was grocery-shopping. I took this picture because I just wanted to show you that I am a totally and completely healthy person and I’m so proud of the things I got.

But then… Five hours later:

Who could ever deny mint chocolate chip ice cream, especially if your home is in Houston where the summers are literally scorching? Not me.

Here’s my apex of healthiness: salad from Olive Garden. It’s such a guilty pleasure… Sooooo good! Other than Caesar, I think this is the only salad I can bear to eat.


I’m a carb girl, through and through. So cheesy, so good.




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