Primetime Emmys 2010: Best Dressed

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Mondays are total alarm clocks. It’s like weekends are all relaxing and casual, then bam! Waking up early, having homework, going to looong classes, and actually using my brain. This all requires energy and hardcore effort, which is probably in the reserves somewhere deep inside my body 🙂

Anyhooooo, the Emmys were yesterday! I’m not as into award shows as I once was. I used to start watching them at 4:00 when the red carpet fashion started on E! and then watch all the way until the credits rolled. I tuned into the fashion (of course) and the red carpet because that’s the best part, but I had to skip the actual awards ceremony itself because I had to finish an 8 page English paper. Oh, life.

Fashion HITS of the night!

January Jones in Versace. This is the kind of dress that people either love immensely or hate with a passion. As for me, I love, love, love it. It’s a dress that could’ve so easily been wrong, but January wore it with such confidence and poise. The electric blue is gorgeous, the intricate details are amazing, and I love her simple/slightly rocker-ish hair and makeup, as well as the minimalist accessories.

Lea Michelle in Oscar de la Renta. Such a dramatic gown and beautiful jewelry, but I am not impressed with the hair! It looks like she didn’t even run a brush through it. No matter, I think she can still get away lookin’ pretty darn fine.

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier. I adore this cranberry color on the red carpet. The simple silhouette is offset by the color and the texture and her gorgeous accessories. She hit the right mark with the makeup and hair, especially the bright lipstick.

Jennifer Westfeldt in Armani. I love EVERYTHING about this dress! So, so amazing and completely overlooked, in my opinion.

Emily Blunt in Christian Dior. I’m still a bit on the fence about this one. I’m loving the silhouette, the color, the flower details. There just seems to be something off. Maybe it’s her hair? I’m still putting her on the best dressed list because I think she’s the classiest woman ever and because she arrived with John Krasinski 😉

Claire Danes in Armani Prive. I am not a big fan of hers, but she looks radiant and she’s married to Hugh Dancy. I think she did style this dress just right, but there’s something very safe and very boring about the pale gold sparkly dress. Still looks beautiful though!

Jayma Mays in Burberry. She looks so pretty! I think this color looks gorgeous on her and everything is wonderful about this look 🙂

And for Best Dressed…

Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad. It was between her and January Jones for me. A perfect, stunning look all the way through. I can’t find even one off thing about this. So in love!

Off to do economics & calculus. Bummer!


**Images from MTV & JustJared


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

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I usually don’t post on Sundays because Sundays are by definition total chill out days.


I ate good today 🙂 And I just wanted the world to know, because I’m mean like that!

Like I said, I’m aiming to obtain my driver’s license by October 1st, and I’ve been practicing frantically everyday. I drove on the freeway for the first time today! It was scary as heck, but pretty darn exhilarating. Then, I drove all the way to Borders and made my way to Walmart to grab some of this uber-scrumptious hummus for this week’s lunch.

I’m going to try something new this year. I’m going to try and vary my lunch every week so it doesn’t get repetitive and boring. Last week, I had roast chicken and mustard sandwiches, a nectarine, Sasha’s cookies, and baby carrots. This week, I’m going for hummus and turkey wraps, white cheddar popcorn (YUM!), and bebe carrots. I’m excited!

I’m feeling super duper like a health bug right now because I polished off half of a carton of Olive Garden’s garden salad with Italian dressing. My favorite salad ever, hands down.

Then, my mom served me some chicken soup to feed my soul and mind and stomach. ‘Twas delicious.

Also from Olive Garden– Lasagna Rollata al Forno! It’s a new dish and I was oh-so-eager to try it. Very delicious, cheesy, and no doubt heavy. I did like it a lot, but I think I’m going to stick with regular lasagna next time.

I’ve been snacking on these little buggers lately. My mom and sister brought back a bunch from China and they are so addicting. They are tiny packets of flavored tofu. I love the chicken broth flavored one and the original. So, so, so good. And since tofu is healthy, perhaps this is the healthiest processed food ever? 😛

Off to finish my English assignment and try to get some sleep in.


PS. Coming tomorrow: Emmys fashion recap!!

Mama’s Other Baby

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Sleeping in is the best practice ever and whoever came up with it should be knighted.

Today was an extremely mellow day. I drove around town with my dad. I may be the only teenager in the world who doesn’t like to drive fast, but I’m slowly working up to it. I’m getting used to driving and I’m a lot more relaxed about it than before. Hopefully, I’ll get my license by the first of October, but I still need to master parallel parking!

Anyways, my mom has one heck of  a green thumb. She used to garden in North Carolina, but our yard wasn’t fenced in and the deer/bunnies/other woodland creatures would also get to the goods before we did. Here in Texas where everything is bigger, including our yard and fence, my mom spends every free moment in the backyard with her “other babies”– her flowers, veggies, and fruits.

Every season, there is usually one “crop” that is just evidently abundant. This year, it was the pears. I think we literally had sixty on our island at one point and once, I looked out the window and saw the branches of the pear trees just completely weighed down by all the fruit.

Here’s the master of the garden herself. She literally spends hours out there everyday, watering, tending, fertilizing, and just plain admiring. She boasts that our family eats true “organic” food!

We’ve always had a never-ending supply of chives!

It’s a bit late in the season for flowers, but there are still a few roses hanging in there. In the spring, our backyard is a shower of pinks and reds, yellows, and whites. Gorg!

This is the first year that oranges have made an appearance! They aren’t ripe yet, so we haven’t sampled one, but that should be exciting.

Plumeria is without a doubt, one of the prettiest flowers in existence. My sister’s boyfriend Dan brought a bulb back from Hawaii a few years ago and this is only the first year flowers have blossomed! So worth it though, they are a sight to see! Houston isn’t the best climate for them, because it gets way too hot and humid here, but hopefully it will survive!

My mom said that this little thing is a wild watermelon. It popped out from nowhere. It’s smaller than the palm of my hand, but so delicately beautiful.

A couple of fledgling white eggplants. I had some for dinner the other day. They taste the same as any other eggplant, but I must say that I prefer purple ones just because the color is to die for.

Roses are breathtaking as “babies” 🙂

Winter melon is a common vegetable in Asian cooking. It’s glassy lookin’ and very, very mushy and usually used in soups. It’s also very, very bland, which puts some people off. We have reaped in GINORMOUS ones already. Some are the size of a large beach ball.

I’m not sure what this is called, but it is a type of vegetable melon like the winter melon above. The only difference is that it is often a little bit tougher and the melon itself is smaller in size and shaped like a gourd instead of a watermelon.

A very large mass of ‘kong xin cai’ or water spinach/ong choy. It’s one of the vegetables I will actually eat, if cooked properly.

Okay, so I just looked up the same of these melons– “si gua,” and I was given “loofah.” That’s good enough for me. These three are pretty massive and getting old, but…

A baby loofah! Gosh, that word is fun. “Mom, I want a loofah for dinner.” You betcha I’ll try that out.

A dramatically composed photo. These are the flowers of the loofah melon. Pretty!

Freshly picked chives for dinner!

The late afternoon/early evening is my favorite time to look at the sky. Pinks, purples, blues, and oranges always swirl together to form the prettiest blanket. It’s highly comforting to know what wherever we are on this planet, no matter how different countries and individuals are, we still live under the same rooftop.

Goodnight everyone!



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Never has such an acronym rung truer.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s our first week back and I’m still not used to the new clock I’m running on, but I am so. frickin. exhausted. No joke, the only thing I could even comprehend doing at 2:30 in the afternoon was nap my life away.

Nothing majorly exciting happened today except that we started the Prehistoric period of Art History. I’m kind of extremely fascinated, which is a good thing 🙂 I’m beginning to like all of my classes more and more, and perhaps that little fact will make this year a bit easier to bear!

I’m going through big-sister-withdrawal right now. She left yesterday to roam the country (seriously, this girl is going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York all in a week) and I miss her so much already!

I sneakily captured my momma making fuel for my tummy:

I love anybody who makes my stomach happy, especially if the food involved has any kind of potatoes in it. I am the Potato Princess. I eat them in any shape, form, and color. Here, I ate with eggs and apples and mayonnaise in a potato salad I’ve been eating since I was like six.

Some drumsticks were necessary for the protein and all… I only chomped down on half of one. Self-control 😉 I also feasted on seaweed salad, but that was already swallowed before the camera was even near arm’s reach.

Breakfast foods just taste a whole lot better as a midnight snack. I just came upstairs from a face-stuffing session. My favorite cereal, aka the only cereal I’ve ever really liked is:

Delightful. Now, I am going to gain eighty pounds just from posting all these pictures of food everyday, so I’ll mix it up a bit tomorrow. Fashion? Lifestyle? Garden? Photography? You’ll see!


Football Country

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Greetings, y’all!

I just got home from our very first football game of the year! Very exciting and very fun. Last year, we made it as regional champs and finally got defeated by the reigning state champions. This year, hopefully we will take that title! We have a good chance of it too based on how we performed tonight. Our boys did wonderfully. The score was 27-15 when I left, which was the beginning of the second half, so I’m waiting to hear some good news tonight!

Now, I’m a basketball lover through and through, but you just can’t live in Texas and not love football! I’ll admit I winced through half the game and I don’t even really understand it, but the whole spirit of the fans and the intensity of the players are well worth admiring.

I was there today to document everything in photo form! While my arms and legs did suffer from exhaustion overload, I was right in the middle of all the action and got in for free. Sweet 🙂

The Charger Guard, while enthusiastic and fantastically spirited, perhaps took their job a bit too seriously. Mollie and I nearly got trampled at least five times!

At first, I was more than a little miffed by the fact that the ref’s arm got in the way of my perfect picture. On a closer look however, I sort of like it there… It enhances the structure of the whole image and of the game, I think.

Lightning is our very friendly mascot!

Our crowd cheers as one.

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool. I wish the hand was sharper and in focus, but I love the composition of the photograph and the colors of the clouds!

Here’s Tyler focusing on what the coach is saying.

I’m telling you– being so close to the action had its disadvantages. I was backing up for my life half the time because they were ramming each other inches away from me.

This picture kind of amuses me. Our school symbol is an index finger held up in the air to symbolize “number one.” I love how one of our assistant principals in leading this!

William #1 came over to say hi during half time. I really like how this image is sort of the opposite of a silhouette. Interesting!

He was soon joined by his fellow Will. These two kids are the longest friends I’ve had that go to my school. We’ve known each other since we were wee little middle schoolers. I really like how the colors pop out in this photo!

This may be my favorite picture of the night. I loveeee it so! The two of us were so drained from standing all night (and from avoiding being hit/knocked over), so we took a little breather during halftime.

The band did amazing! It was pretty awesome to finally hear the familiar notes of our songs again!

Why, hello there.

The fans, of course, were the best. Spirited, loud, extra happy to just be there! Everyone came decked out in Chargers paraphernalia and face paint!

I looked over and there was the most beautiful moon ever. It wasn’t quite full (I think it was waning? Not sure…), but it was so bright and big and orange! I took a million pictures of it before being finally somewhat satisfied. Anyways, we’re off to a great start this season! (By the way, final score: 40-23… Clear Springs victory!)



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Hey guys!

Day three of senior year and it’s goin’ pretty swell! I already feel totally immersed in school already. There’s already a lot of work and this is just the least of it. I’m getting a little terrified now, but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it when I’m walking across the stage in my cap & gown in June!

Today was far from bad, but it wasn’t my best day either. I walked down the stairs for breakfast this morning, but it was dark and I tripped over a stray suitcase at the bottom of the stairs. I went flying on the hardwood floor. My elbow feels a little bit messed up and it’s skinned pretty badly. I have a couple bruises on my hip and knees, but I’m all dandy now! But that put me in a very iffy mood today and I was really, really exhausted by the end of the school day.

My friends were indeed the best kind of medicine and laughing with them cured all my boo-boos 🙂 Economics was super fun and interesting again! Hopefully, this trend continues or else I will be in trouble for the AP test at the end of the year. We got our Economics textbooks today and I just read some of the first chapter. It’s by far one of the most easy-going textbooks I’ve used. I’m likin’ this! Also, I decorated my binder with pretty people from camp. Their faces cheer me up in class. Those cookies do a great deal too!

I didn’t do much after school- napped, ate, studied. I’m becoming a boring person once again! My daddy just came home with some sushi to make up for my injuries today:

The shrimp tempura rolls were so superb. I was only going to sample one and save the rest for tomorrow (since it’s all about portion control and all… ;)), but I ended up sneaking in another one. Very tasty!

There were also a few California rolls, veggie rolls, and smoked salmon rolls. I think the smoked salmon ones were my favorites… I’m still slowly and carefully working up to raw fish, so I’m pretty proud of myself! I really liked the flavor of this salmon, especially with the avocado.

It seems like all I do now is eat, sleep, and study! But baby, tomorrow’s gonna be all about football! First game of the season… So excited!


Swing of Things

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Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday!

The thing about second days is that they are usually the first normal days. At school, we are finally regaining our routine and are getting in the swing of things– work is being assigned, names are being memorized, expectations discussed.

The one thing I just can’t get used to still? Getting up so early! But, with the help of early morning exercising and some of this:

A white chocolate mocha! This is my favorite hot drink from Starbucks, with an exception of the seasonal Pumpkin Spice lattes (so excited for those!). I also got some sugar into my system:

A blueberry scone 🙂 I loooove scones from Starbucks. They are the perfect balance between sweet and not too sweet. I don’t like sugar headaches from breakfast foods!

School went by like a blur. There were moments where I just sat there and zoned out for a bit, but for the most part, I like all my classes! Strangely, I’m getting pretty interested in economics. I’m not a math type of girl, so I don’t know where that’s coming from. Knock on wood!

Afterwards, my mom picked me up and took me to Sonic as a back to school treat. To change things up a bit, I ordered a cherry lime chiller. I am not very impressed. It was wayyyyyy too sweet and sugary in my opinion. I think I’ll stick with my cranberry limeades from now on!

For dinner, I picked up a cheeseburger from Sonic, not expecting too much. I’ve never had a burger here, believe it or not, because I’ve been off beef for awhile and just got back onto it recently. Mahhhhhhh, I was enticed by the first bite. It was so gosh darn GOOD! I usually don’t like pickles in my burgers, but this was just the cherry on top. Goodness.

Now, let’s wean ourselves off of food for just a little bit and get to something literary! I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Can I just say… This is one of the BEST books I have ever read in my life, and that is sayin’ something coming from a bookworm like me. From the very first paragraph, I was already way in. This book is really a mirror of the story of Cain and Abel, but with a delightful twist. The entire plot was just so complex, all the characters so developed. Steinbeck sure knows how to use his language. It was totally compelling all the way through. Six hundred pages total, but worth every single one. It is a must read!!!!

As Adam says in the novel: Timshel! (Thou shalt!)


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