Travel Diary: An American in China, Final

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, folks.

I promised.

Here’s the very last “An American in China” segment of the year. I just got back from camp yesterday. It was a totally fantastic experience and I’ll tell you all about it later. My back’s killing me right now. I can’t stand, walk, sit, lay down, or do anything basically. It’s kind of a bummer, but I’m hoping it’ll get better SOON so I can hang out with some people here!

My last day in China was kind of chill, kind of sad. I was way excited to be going back home and really nervous/excited for camp. But, I was also so very heartbroken about leaving my family and China and my mommy.

I spent the morning hanging out with the kid (of course):

We fished. This little girl is really the sweetest ever. I called her the other day and she spent the entire phone conversation asking about my time at camp and then giggling. I was like, “Wait, I’m the adult…” Funny story… My cousin bought this magnetic fishing puzzle game for her and left it at my house. She loves playing with it, but when it was time for her to go home, she refused to take the game with her. She kept on saying, “I want to leave it here to play with.” She basically wants toys at every house she goes to. Pretty hilarious because then she hid it under our dining table. Smart girl.

Remember what I said about the pickled plum juice? Here it is again. This one was served at Jiubaiguo, my favorite hotpot restaurant. It was a bit on the saltier side, but weirdly really satisfying and refreshing.

There’s this really cheesy, great Chinese TV series called ‘Love Storm.’ In it, this girl is about to leave for the US permanently and the last thing she wants to eat is mango ice. This boy takes her to eat mango ice and then runs to the grocery store to buy DIY mango ice packets for her to take the US. Loved the story, love the dessert.

SO GREAT. It’s a simple dessert, really. I wish I was the genius who came up with it because money would be rollin’ in. Tons of shaved ice, mangoes, and mango juice. Toss and eat.

What’s that big… ball, you ask? It’s a blown up sesame pastry. No kidding. The inside is literally just thin air. After they showcase this humongous ball, they take it away and cut it into a zigzag pattern. It was surprisingly good, crunchy and sweet. But, it was really just amusing to me. I poked at it multiple times, I admit.

For lunch, I was treated to a really cool opportunity. One of my cousin’s best friends just opened an Italian restaurant by my house called “Yi Feng Zhi Yue” or “me@ting point”. The chef just arrived from Italy and we went on opening day because I. Love. Italian. food.

The decor and restaurant itself are so sweet. The restaurant is super cozy and rustic with wooden tables and the loveliest mural painted by art students from Nanjing University:

I went to the restaurant with two of my cousins and got to meet the chef. Such a warm, friendly man! He came over to introduce himself and we chatted a little bit in a mutual language- Spanish!

My cousins both had the Seafood Spaghetti. The thing about Italian food in China is… It’s really not authentic. It’s overly processed and tastes kind of queer. But the food at this restaurant is terrific. Totally cheesy, yummy, Italian! The spaghetti was amaaazing, take my word for it!

These two are my lovely cousins! One of my first memories is of them locking me up in a room and I didn’t even know them back then. But, they are completely forgiven now because they spoil me so bad. I already miss them sooo much! 😦 Twin spaghettis… kinda amusing.

My Lasagna Bolognese 🙂 It was like a sip of ice water in the desert. I’ve been deprived of Italian food for so fricking long, and I just savored it bite by bite by bite. This restaurant has HUGE portions though, so beware of that!

We also had a margherita pizza to share. It was kind of weird because they used peas instead of basil? But, it was really filling and extremely yummy all the same. Loved the doughiness and the crust.

Here I am chillin’ with mah fooooood. I love food. I would marry food if it was a living, breathing person. I might even marry it anyways.

Heavenly tiramisu 🙂 Here’s a secret… I had TWO! It was that good.

And then I cleansed my palate with a cup of cappucino.

And folks, that’s all for China recaps! Up next… EPGY Stanford!



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