Travel Diary 3: Stanford University EPGY, Part 2

August 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Oh goodness, it feels good to finally be able to sleep in! There’s school during the year, a weird natural early get-up alarm in China, and then class at camp. This is the first time I can snuggle in my bedcovers without an alarm ringing on me. Awesome! 🙂

Living quarters.

First things first, I lived in a row house. I loved, loved, loved it! It was so fantastic to have so many people surrounding me at one time and becoming so close to all of them. Really, we were one big family– drama and love included. Personally, I thought there were pro’s and con’s for both row housing and dorm housing. (I stayed in a suite-style dorm at Berkeley last year which was SO GREAT because it was brand new…)

Living in a house just seemed a lot more… Cozy? Personable? Accessible? Suites and dorms, while so comfortable and nice, makes it harder for everyone to get to know each other. But, there are definitely downsides to living in a house as well. Namely, four shower stalls for like 20 (or more?) girls. No way.

I lived in Slavianskii Dom (“Slavic Dorm” in Slavic… very original) on Mayfield Avenue:

It’s an old house. The counselors told us (on the very last day, thank goodness) that it’s haunted. Lemme tell you, it was definitely scary at times– the hallways and staircases are super narrow, it’s pretty dark a lot, we hear strange noises and weird occurrences have happened to all of us. But, it’s home!

This is my real room:

Yes, all the mess is mine :/ My roommate, Jocelyn, is sweet as can be and also way neater than me! Boy, I just rhymed. Okay, sorry for that eyesore. Anyways, around the end of the first week, I started going over to my friends Piera and Sasha’s room around midnight to sleep because it just got really cold and we snuggled for self defense. Pretty soon, I started leaving my stuff around their room too and contributed nicely to the pile of junk:

Ignore Sasha’s legs. She refused to get out of my picture.

The view from my room:

I hung out at my window every morning to call my family, and it’s pretty amusing to watch birds chase squirrels and vice versa right from this little spot.

Now, the view from Sasha and Piera’s room…

Yes, we  had a sand volleyball court in our backyard! But, being the inactive bums we are, the most we had anything to do with it was play a bit of really wacked up 4 person volleyball on the second day and then after we realized that wasn’t going to work out, we just took to watching games from the comfort of Sasha’s bed.

Another reason I loved Sasha and Piera’s room so much was because we had access to Cindy when she was in her room (that is, when she wasn’t in Piera’s room with us). Observe:

Photo by Cindy Kaneko

See us? Cindy took that photo from her room. And then in reverse…

In case you haven’t figured it out, their rooms faced the backyard and my room faced the opposite direction. Our lazy way of communicating:

Photo by Cindy Kaneko

We’re so cool.

And just to brag, this is the full moon night we got serenaded! By the boys living in the house behind us… Digital Media friends. So fun! They also threw water balloons at us randomly, hmm…

Okay, so, my favorite part about this house? The theme! We were Harry Potter themed! And here’s the first sight that greeted us:

Photo by Piera Bochner

Classy. Just kidding, it was kind of cute… There were also posters of all sorts:

Photo by Adrian Yu

So, you can’t really see anything except the super narrow hallway here, but the counselors did get to choose the names of their rooms… There were: Azkaban, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the Restricted Section, and three other clever ones I forgot.

The counselors also named every “section” of the house. The boys’ third floor was The Owlery and the girls’ third floor (my floor) was the Astronomy Tower. There were other ones which I forgot (unsurprisingly).

Photo by Margaret Lenker

I was Hufflepuff! But that meant nothing at all except that we had to clean on our house nights… Not so exciting. What was really interesting was that the three girls I got really close to all got different houses. So, whenever we were together (make that 24/7) all houses were represented.

Sorry for the blurriness, but I just wanted to show you that we’re from all over the country and all over the world. But, we’re one big, lovable family (cheesy, shut up).

Our house was actually pretty massive, but I never got around to taking that many pictures. Just keep in mind that we had a lounge, a large foyer/entrance area, four staircases, three bathrooms, a humongous kitchen that we weren’t allowed in, a pretty big eating area, a large computer room (during the school year, it’s the dining area for the house), a few secret rooms, and a million bedrooms.

I part on this note:

(Ignore that first part… We never did find the culprit.)

I love Slav.



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