Travel Diary 3: Stanford University EPGY, Part 3

August 5, 2010 § Leave a comment


Hello mates! Ready for Part 3? Did you read Parts 1 and 2? Kay cool.

Before I start, I must say right here, point-blank: I loved absolutely everyone in my house. Each and every individual offered something unique to make our group as a whole into something so utterly and unimaginably perfect. I’m not kidding. It sounds like I’m just using a bunch of cliches, but it’s the truth. Sure, we got on each other’s nerves once in awhile and there was definitely some drama, but isn’t that true of every family? We all functioned together so flawlessly and developed such an easy, natural pattern. It was amazing, I’ll tell you that much.

Now, I have to introduce you to some very important people:

Um, yeah. That’s me πŸ™‚ You should know that by now! And I’m on a random swing on a tree because… That’s just what you do when you’re twenty minutes early for dinner! Moving on…

That’s Sasha. We call her Ella Enchanted, and with good reason. Sasha is one of, if not the most nicest, friendliest, sweetest people I’ve ever met in my life. Ever. She’s so completely generous and full of heart in every way. I tell her that she needs to learn to say ‘no’ more often. When the rest of us would be too lazy to take our trays to the disposal area, she would get up and return them without us asking. She would clean up after us, make new friends for us (jk…ish), and always just be there with a compliment or something nice to say when you’re feeling completely blah.

Cindy. What a blunt, honest person. And I mean that in a good way. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have someone say ‘your hair looks horrible today.’ She doesn’t stop there. She’ll sit you down and braid your hair prettily. I always went straight to her for outfit/makeup advice because I know that she’ll tell the truth. Not only that, she’ll actually take time and go through every item of clothing you have to pick out the best. I loved having girl chat sessions with her, talking about everything and anything under the sun. And she’s just so funny.

Aaand, Piera. She’s a total New Yorker. She’s just so straightforward, definitely no beating around the bush. She says what’s on the top of her mind, never pausing to think it over. I think the best way to describe her would be a gigantic ball of energy, on the really edge of combustion, but most of the time just rolling around merrily. Piera’s so confident all the time, but always ready for a nightly snuggle. She laughs like none other, sometimes (most of the time) just stopping in the middle of the road to drop to the ground and have a laughing fit. Piera’s so up-in-your-face, but in such an amusing way that you just might always want her there πŸ™‚

The four of made the Square, a sisterhood of sorts. I guess you can say it started out the very first day. Piera and Sasha were roommates. I met Cindy through a game of Mafia and we always said hi to each other that day. I was with her when her key was messed up. Cindy and Piera played a brief game of volleyball. But, actually, it really started out on the second day.

Photo by Adrian Yu

It was because of this flower. No, actually it really was. Piera and I were assigned to the same scavenger hunt team (Scott’s team… the absolute coolest!). And when everyone else was busy going through the items on the list, what did we do? Pick flowers! We kept on getting distracted by all the pretty flowers Stanford’s campus had to offer. We didn’t really want to pluck any of the really pretty ones, as it made us feel like we were vandalizing school property. But, we found this one laying around and picked it up. Later, we found out that Sasha had actually picked it for her team, and then dropped it along the way. Crazy?

Photo by Adrian Yu

Yeah, Piera and I moved pretty quickly in our relationship πŸ˜‰ And that’s August… He married us πŸ™‚ We were holding our very first bouquet. It was actually so very gorgeous.

That night, while everyone else was doing who-knows-what, we decided of all things, to draw on the porch with chalk (no picture, what a shame :() and then build a sandcastle! Piera introduced me to Sasha and we decided to turn the porch into one big Harry Potter mural. Cindy stopped by and drew one really ugly Dark Mark in the middle of Piera’s Hogwart’s Express. That didn’t bide too well with Piera. But, anyways, we got bored after a bit and decided to chill in the volleyball court…

We built Hogwarts. You don’t have to tell me… I know we’re the coolest. But, alas, that’s how our friendship began and that was the start of our ridiculous laughing fits. Most ended up on the ground in some way shape or form.

Awwh, that was when we were still friendly to one another πŸ™‚ Just kidding, it’s all love and sisterhood between the four of us.

But, how did the actual Square begin… On our very first activity, the four of us were assigned to an afternoon trip to Palo Alto together. Not feeling like eating dining hall food, we decided to get some take out sushi and eat in the lounge of our house instead.

Here we are feasting on Haagen Dazs ice cream in downtown Palo Alto… We made friends with some firefighters!

And these were to die for. California Rolls from Sushi Tomo. Sooo scrumptious. We were always planning a trip back, but never did make it. Just… So good.

Great food, even better company. We sort of naturally sat ourselves up in a square and sat down to eat. We split the food in quite a comical way, which started the laughing fits. And then… we laid down in the shape of a square. All hell broke loose. My goodness, everything is funnier laying down. We cracked up at silence, for heaven’s sake!

The very next day, we went to the Stanford Shopping Center mall and decided to get take out once again. This time, we went for California Pizza Kitchen. We came back to the lounge while everyone was at dinner and once again, settled into a square and laughed like we were dying.

TOTAL ab workout from all that laughing. Everything just seemed hilarious, but out of context… not so much.

Kids’ sized BBQ chicken pizza, that’s the way we do it. But, we did have a lot of explaining to do when several of the boys walked in to us screaming like hyenas and laughing our heads off, literally rolling around on the ground with food everywhere. Oh yes, and August happened to walk in when Piera’s shorts were unzipped. Um, yeah.

What was the pact for? You’ll never know! We can just pretend it’s to stay sisters and best friends and keep in touch for a very, very, long time πŸ™‚

Oh, and one other thing. We all live in big cities and are pretty active people… I mean, at least we know how to walk fast to get to class on time and whatnot. But, for some reason, when the four of us got together this time… We turned into the world’s laziest and slowest people. People who would leave the dining hall ten minutes after us would be back in the house twenty minutes before us. We always tried to find the shortest, least effortful routes and methods of getting places…

So we called the QuikCart guy. No joke:

We got some really confused stares and the I felt really bad for the QuikCart guy. He was sweating up a storm. But, no matter, we got back to the house full of energy!

Then, along came Xandra. We realized that she enjoyed being lazy and inactive just like we did, and so we hung out for a day at the beach and she joined our Square that night and made it into a Pentagon.

The Pad Thai (and other yumminess) was from My Thai Beach restaurant at Capitola Beach. So very citrusy and scrumptious.

Here’s Xandra with Piera… Gorgeous girls, the both of them! Unfortunately, I think the only picture we have of all five of us is on Xandra’s camera, so once I get that from her, I’ll post it.

For our very last Square, we had food from The Treehouse, a Mexican restaurant on campus. I stole a lot of Sasha’s nachos which were quite awesome. I myself had a chicken burrito with guacamole. It was quite massive and a tad too spicy, but delicious all the same. It was the first time we tried holding a square outside, at Mayfield Playfield across the street, but we were chased by bees and decided to play it safe back in the lounge once again.

We didn’t just eat in the house, however. The four of us went out a lot, mostly around campus and had a ton of frozen yogurt, as well as other foods. One thing… We found it kind of odd that Jamba Juice was such a popular location. People went there every single morning. So, we decided to not be conformists until the very last day:

Yum, my Pomegranate Paradise finallllyyyyy! It was well worth the wait though, we savored it a lot more. We drank our treats whilst laying down in the sun and listening to jazz music. The fact’s already been established it, but I’ll just say it again. We’re awesome.

Cheers! Coho was also a popular spot for us…

That meatball sandwich was awfully delightful. Oh, and the reason we were here in the first place was because the dining hall closed on us. Unsurprisingly.

These three (four, PLUS XANDRA!) girls have had huge influences on me in all kinds of inexplicable, little ways. One very obvious thing I picked up? I’m now officially addicted to chai lattes, hot and cold. I even got one when I had a sore throat, a huge no-no according to Sasha.

The one thing I’ll never forget about these fantastic people is all the laughter. I don’t think two minutes went by when I didn’t crack up when I was around them.

Photo by Adrian Yu

Just to prove how sisterly we are… Look at how we coordinated this picture and our outfits (completely unintentionally)… Cindy and Piera are in alternating black and white and Sash and I are in florals. Because you care and all πŸ™‚

Love y’all!



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