Travel Diary 3: Stanford University EPGY, Part 5

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey, friends!

It’s been exactly one week since I left EPGY. Almost to the minute… I think I would’ve been in the middle of getting breakfast at the airport right about this time. I’ve spent the week mostly resting my back (after it went completely haywire), catching up on sleep, all the boring stuff like that. I miss my new EPGY friends like crazy, but it’s okay because we’ve been Tokboxing almost every night. Gotta love modern technology!

I’m hoping to wrap the EPGY posts up soon, but today will be a continuation of all the excursions and activities! Fun stuff!

I told you a little bit about SFMOMA, but I’ll just say it again. It’s one of my favorite art museums ever, and we had a blast roaming around…

A little bit too much fun?

Photo by Piera Bochner


Photo by Piera Bochner

I love my Sasha! Piera’s dad had an exhibit in the museum some time ago and we tried to find the exact spot where it was displayed. We took a picture here without knowing that’s where it had been… What a coincidence!

Photo by Piera Bochner

We were definitely amazed by a lot of the artwork in the museum.. Everything was stunning and breathtaking. But, one of the coolest moments of the day was when Piera suddenly shouted, “I FOUND WALDO!”

Who woulda thunk it? She really did. Waldo was hanging out on the roof of a building directly opposite the fourth floor of the museum. He’s hidden behind a lot of machinery, but definitely visible if you look for him!

Palo Alto is shielded from the arctic San Francisco by a ton of mountains, so we were always warm and all. The bad thing is that we always underestimated the coldness of the city, so we had to be creative in finding ways to keep warm:

When we arrived twenty minutes to the museum, they refused to let us in and made us freeze outside. Huddles and hugs galore!

So on a free Sunday afternoon, half of our house decided to make a trip up to Hoover Tower. It was pretty amusing to see how many of us we could squeeze onto the tiny elevator. Once up there, however, it was amazing to see all of Stanford from one place:

We are one big happy family πŸ™‚ I know it!

Here’s a sweet roommate shot of Annie and Xandra. Both of them are so funny and terrific… Miss them like crazy!

And this is Sarah. Loud, boisterous, hilarious… I loved making trips up to her room (the biggest in the house… totally unfair) and then gossiping for hours on end.

Stanford is one gorgeous place. Unlike most universities with their towering, statuesque architecture, Stanford just seems really sunny, very warm. All the red rooftops and yellow buildings, the massive trees and beautiful fountains, it seems more like a vacation area than an institute for education.

While waiting for everyone else to come down on the elevator (we made two very big trips), we had fun with the camera, like always.

We wear sunglasses inside because we’re cool like that. Meet crazy Sarah and adorable Brenda πŸ™‚ And some random guy behind us…

What a cool wall! I don’t know who all these people were… Alumni perhaps? Donors?

That’s one amazing group of people right there! Most of our group activities were in the afternoons or weekends. I admit that our evenings were really lazy. Most people would spend the hours before house meeting on Facebook or playing random games, watching a movie, or at most, hanging out at Coho. But, one night, we decided to have a girls’ night in at our counselor Re’s room. We did face masks, nail painting, henna, lots of gossip and tea!

The face mask that Re offered us was really awesome. It was some fancy Aztec stuff, which dried hard as cement on our faces. I spent twenty minutes scraping it off afterwards!

Look at me, I can’t even smile because of the stuff! But, it did feel amazing and refreshing afterwards. My face was baby-butt smooth! Oh, and on a sidenote… Y’all know I love to shop, right? I do. It’s my first love. I got that shirt on a trip to the mall. It was 7 bucks at J. Crew. What a steal πŸ™‚

So on the note of shirts… For our last cluster-wide activity, we had a tie-dying day! We tie-dyed shirts and boxers and tank tops. It was great fun, but Piera and Adrian and Austin a few other cool people and I decided we should tie-dye in the downstairs restroom. This is what happened:

Such a masterpiece! Award-winning artists, we so are! One of my favorite planned activities ever was Reading in the Oval. We laid out in the sun at the Oval and read and talked and tanned. We made a pitstop at fraiche to get some froyo beforehand (more on that later!) and pigged out too.

At EPGY, ice cream and froyo and sorbet became our good friends. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I must’ve had some every single day. One of the most memorable times was when we made our own ice cream from scratch for one of the activities:

That was some tasty vanilla ice cream. It was reeeeeally cold though, to have a bag of ice in your hands at all times. And it got pretty salty too when you lick the bag…

They did let us have an ice cream social, though, with the ice cream already made…

My extra pretty rainbow sherbet πŸ™‚ Do you like the flip-flopped socks back there? I’m not 100% sure whose it is, but I’m willing to bet it’s Ryan. We call him Socks for a reason.

Beautiful girls πŸ™‚

Now, of course, our main group activity happened every night. House meeting! I’ll be the first to confess that it wasn’t a joy all the time when all I wanted to do was finish writing my essay and when it finished four minutes before lights out and we were all rushing to shower or make our beds. But, some of our greatest bonding moments happened at house meetings. I remember the first few days when everyone would be ready in the lounge ten minutes before it started. A week later, we were all sprinting to claim couches seconds before it began.

It was so comfortable to sit there and listen to people’s life stories, to eat cake on people’s birthdays, to give kudos for good deeds, laughing at all the ridiculous questions (ahem, Margaret :)). We had three birthdays in all during the three weeks. Stanford tradition calls for the birthday boy or girl to be thrown into the shower, so there was some chasing and whatnot. Tradition also calls for wet hugs afterwards πŸ™‚ One time, Piera and I ran the opposite direction and hid in the laundry room and appeared back at house meeting five minutes into life stories…

My blanket came down with Β me every night during house meeting and we always found a nice group of people to snuggle with πŸ™‚ Some people found it quite necessary to hide under it, too… You’ll never know who πŸ™‚

Dances were my favorite group activity, but I’ll tell you about that in the very last post (not the next one, but the one after!)…

Till then,



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