Travel Diary 3: Stanford University EPGY, Part 6

August 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just two more to go, guys!

These last two posts are really going to be a smashing of random pictures and events that I haven’t gotten to yet, wrap-up posts if you will. I’m excited to show you all that’s left and then see where else this blog takes me šŸ™‚

I think one of the greatest things about Slav Dom and EPGY was that there was so much laughter. If you took the time to sit down in a corner in silence and just listened, you could’ve heard laughter resonating from every which way. The first time at camp I laughed really, truly hysterically was on one of the first nights:

We had just come back from exploring campus and because we were so bored, we decided to just change all the plain computer backgrounds to our pictures. It was so spur of the moment, but by the end, we were literally all on the ground, clutching our stomachs and just laughing. You should have seen the faces of the people that walked by… Priceless.

There’s one thing that can’t be forgotten. Ice cream. Frozen yogurt. Sorbet. Whatever. We had A LOT of that stuff.

Take 1:

This was that first time we went exploring together. We made a beeline for fraiche, the frozen yogurt place on campus. No surprise there.

This was what I had: soy yogurt with strawberries. It was good, but not fantastic. The soy’s a bit too tangy for my liking :/ But, it’s okay! The very next day, we went to downtown Palo Alto and had Haagen Dazs:

Mint Chip! There’s nothing better in the summer.

Instead of shopping or exploring, we made our lazy selves proud and just sat by a fountain and ate and talked.

Oh, but that’s not even the beginning of it! We had more. Lots more:

I expanded my horizons and got the Natural frozen yogurt (at fraiche) with strawberries and brownies. Totally classic and delish šŸ™‚

But, this one was my absolute favorite from fraiche: Chocolate froyo, bananas, and shredded chocolate. We planned to eat it while reading in the Oval, but it was long gone by the time we actually got to the Oval.

But out of all the frozen treats, this one took the cake. Two scoops of guava passionfruit sorbet at Capitola Beach… It was so great.

Sometimes, when I was feeling especially brave, I grabbed a couple of these bad boys- Nestle Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches from the convenience store at Tresidder. Two chocolate chip cookies + a load of ice cream= probably not the healthiest thing in the world. But, I’ve found out that the things that taste good are almost always bad for you. So, you gotta splurge once in a while šŸ™‚

Ice cream sandwiches weren’t the only things I grabbed at Tresidder. We always made pit stops for candy (Life Saver sours and Haribo gummy bears!) and…

(There was also a lemon one that Piera stole and an original I drank with the Thai food.) I discovered a love for Arizona iced tea. There was never anything to drink in the house unless you managed to grab a couple Snapples to hoard from snack time or unless you especially loved water. My favorites were the original and the Black and White. Pretty soothing to my sore throat!

Every Wednesday night, we had cluster dinners. They ordered takeout for us and we would all eat on Kairos’s lawn. For the first couple of times, the four of us claimed the porch because that’s just so much better than the grass. We had both Indian and Chinese food. Oodles of yum. The last time, we joined everyone on the lawn whilst eating pizza. Pesto pizza was so unbelievably tasty, I can’t even begin to tell you. Except, while everyone else went to get ready for whatever we had to get ready for, guess what we did?

Played some Unblock Me on my phone! Coolest game and best app in the history of Apple. Just sayin’.

Photo by Piera Bochner

That’s Kairos behind us.

For the most part we had breakfast in the dining hall. It wasn’t anything to write home about. The eggs were always a tad too watery (so I added an avalanche of ketchup, of course), but the muffins were awesome and the chocolate milk was insane šŸ™‚

Coupa Cafe was on the way to all three classes, so every morning, there would be a random bunch of people from the house breakfasting there. These pancakes were really good, but also kinda heavy. The toppings, though… Nutella, bananas, and strawberries was absolutely heavenly.

On another morning, I had the Belgian waffle with syrup. Yum-o! Oh, and what I never failed to get (even with a sore throat) was of course, the Tiger Spice chai latte…

Like I said, Piera and Sasha got me addicted to chai. I’ve been drinking it everywhere and anywhere. The Tiger Spice was my go-to hot chai though, and the cold?

From Coho. I took about an hour to drink this one just to savor it! (Oh and by the way, these are from two different times. The second was during an evening walk whilst enjoying jazz music once again, and the top one…)

As you can see, it was on a bus ride! Those two forks were for our extra scrumptious fruit! (Because we’re so healthy.)

There is one more sweet treat we can’t forget:

Sprinkles! I’m definitely a sucker for cupcakes. I was on the lookout for a Sprinkles so I could try some, since they are definitely loudly tooted. We went to the mall and grabbed one (I had red velvet), I fell in love, and when my daddy came to visit, I brought home:

Don’t worry, I shared. I really loved Sprinkles cupcakes, but I thought the icing was too sweet. My favorite cupcakes are forever going to be from Magnolia Bakery in NYC šŸ™‚

At the SFMOMA, we found our way to the food (of course) and had this:

Gourmet chicken mac n’ cheese! It was really good, but way overpriced.

My dad paid me a visit on one of the weekends and took me out to eat. I’m always up for free food and QT with papa! He took me to Fish Market, a seafood restaurant in downtown Palo Alto.

The New England clam chowder was absolutely to die for. Trust me, I scraped it clean šŸ˜‰

My daddy went straight for a bowl full of seafood. Definitely tasty!

And here’s my sea bass! A bit dry, but overall, really good. That rice was mighty awesome too.

Finally, the one place we went to over and over again? Wilbur Dining Hall! If you’re lazy like us, then you ride the bus to the dining hall that’s a ten minute walk. Here it is:

Photo by Xandra Xiao

To be honest, the food wasn’t all that great most of the time. There were several standouts though! The breadsticks were some of the best ever, the pastas, and the burritos. Yummmm! Oh, and the muffins from breakfast šŸ˜‰

Photo by Xandra Xiao

That’s all for the (documented) food and drinks and treats!



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