Lazy Days

August 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hey y’all!

My summer was relatively exciting. China and Stanford were both pretty darn amazing and I had the time of my life. But then, I came back to Houston. I love my home and my bed and my mommy & daddy, so it’s been all good. But, it’s so different being bored all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore getting up and going to sleep whenever I want and Facebooking my heart away. But, everything just seems so vanilla after all that excitement.

It hasn’t been all calm waters and relaxation, however. I was at school for almost five hours today unpacking and distributing yearbooks to graduated seniors. Hard stuff, but we were treated to donuts and kolaches. Food makes up for everything!

So, my third night back, I was surprised by a visit from these lovely ladies:

Nicole and Vivian! Nicole was leaving for California (just as I got back… not fair!) the next day, so we had a quick catch up session. I can’t believe I’ve known these two girls for six years! Where did all the time go?

A couple days later, I went shopping! Shopping is my weakness! I’ll show you my purchases tomorrow, but Brina and I had to stop for fuel because that’s just what I do:

An iced chai latte from Starbucks! Do you even see the influence my camp friends have over me? I liked the Starbucks chai, but I felt like it was a note too herbal-y, and I miss my iced chais from Coho like something crazy! Ironically, I saw pretty lady Vivian at the mall too. It’s like fate or something.

Several days later, I embarked on a trip with my dear girl Valerie and her cousin Analise:

We took a trip to Double Dave’s for a pizza buffet! The BBQ chicken pizza paled in comparison to good ol’ CPK, but the cheese and pepperoni rolls and the apple cinnamon sticks belonged right in my tummy. Then, we went next door to Bubble Island:

There is nothing I love more than fun drinks! I’m especially obsessed with smoothies and slushes of all sorts, so this was a treat! Can you guess which one is mine?

The passionfruit slush with tapioca! Unfortunately, I thought the tapioca sort of ruined it. The slush itself was quite refreshing! So many choices at Bubble Island! We literally took ten minutes just to understand the menu.

Afterwards, we worked off all those calories by painting Val’s room:

Or maybe… Ruining her walls? Painting is definitely an arm workout!

Valerie thanked me by splattering paint allllll over me! But, I got her back 😉 Oh yes, I did.

Valerie’s another friend I’ve known since sixth grade. I can’t believe we’re about to start our senior year of high school. I remember when we were still awkward, bad-haired children!

That’s mostly what I’ve been doing this past week. Also, I’ve been majorly keeping in touch with the Slav Dom family. How? It’s all thanks to modern technology. Tokbox! Tokbox is a group video chatting website. It’s so simple. All you need is a microphone and a webcam and you’re set for this:

Touring Sock’s refrigerator…

Trying to fit a bajillion people (and succeeding!)…

And dancing to Youtube videos!

I save an hour or so every other night to see the pretty faces of these folks. It’s all worth it because we laugh up a storm and just talk about life. It’s almost like we never left Slav! Except that it can get a little sad when all you want is a hug from them, but the computer screen just won’t allow it. Oh well, we’ll make do.

See ya!


PS. Do you like the new theme? It’s just temporary because I’m in the process of designing and coding my own! Yay!


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