New Loot

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment


Today was my very last laze about day. Starting tomorrow and minus the weekends, I’m going to be one busy girl! I’ve got to volunteer at school and then for the community, which should be pretty fun. I pick up my new schedule and textbooks tomorrow. The new school year seems imminent. As much as I’m going to miss summer, I’m a tad bit excited to get this show on the road and enjoy my very last year of K-12 school.

Anyways, I haven’t shopped as much in the past couple of months, probably because I was too busy to actually go to any stores. That doesn’t mean I didn’t go at all, though!

Both the cardigan and the skirt are new. I got the skirt back at Stanford. It was on sale for 20 bucks and we really wanted one of those little PINK dog things. It was a gift card purchase, so I feel no guilt whatsoever 🙂 High-waisted skirts are my absolute favorites! I’m starting quite the collection. Originally, I liked this one print of a newspaper, but it was out of my size so I picked up the polka dot. I’m really glad I did because I’ve been wearing this skirt nonstop!

High-waisted skirts are one thing I can never say no to and the other things that are totally undeniable in my world are cardigans! I would marry cardigans if I could… They go with absolutely everything, are warm but not too warm, and are just so effortless! This one was the last one at Forever21. It was hidden behind a rack of random pieces of clothing because it was 5 BUCKS! FIVE DOLLARS. Nothing could be softer and silkier! We’re in the middle of a heat wave and I can’t stop putting it on!

I was debating between this and another dress because I totally do not need two new dresses as much I crave em. The other one was too formal in my opinion and I’d have less of a chance of wearing it. This one’s a party dress 🙂 I’m saving it for college, though I bet I’ll pull it out a couple times this year. It’s so loose and comfortable! Just the right length, too, and the sleeves are just too fun. And the color! I’ve figured out that my closet is just jewel-tone central 🙂

This Stanford blanket was definitely a splurge, but I mean it was the same price as a Stanford sweatshirt, so I got this instead of that! I already have a multitude of Stanford paraphernalia for the body anyways. I was freezing every night (it would be hot right at bed time and we’d pull the windows open, but it’d be so chilly after a couple hours) and finally decided to just get this blanket. It’s so pretty (it’s pink!) and I took it with me everywhere, so it’s become priceless now that all the memories are soaked into it…

Here’s that J.Crew shirt I was talkin’ bout! I needed a new, simple white shirt and this one was perfect. It’s sooooo soft and I love the ruffled tissue designs on the neckline 🙂 And it was 7 bucks. What-what??

Finally, I didn’t buy this but it’s a new item in my closet and I’m so proud of it because I made it! Okay, so what, I begged Xandra for help on the pattern and pestered everyone around me for color ideas, but I made it! I’m pretty surprised that it turned out decent because I did not know what I was doing at all. I love it though! I’m thinking about ironing on some letters too. EPGY, perhaps? Stanford?

On a separate note, I watched The Last Song today! I wanted to go watch it in theaters, but no one would go with me, so I watched it all by my lonesome today. I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but I am a huge fan of anything Nicholas Sparks! The Notebook is one of my all time favorite movies and I adored Dear John. I thought the Last Song was a pretty good movie in that there were a lot of raw moments that we can all relate to. I didn’t like the beginning, but it started to get better near the middle and I loved the ending! Total sob story, but I love sad movies! Not the best film, but definitely a good one 🙂




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