All Out Pig Out

August 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh my goodness, y’all, I majorly pigged out today.

I woke up not really wanting to wake up, but I’m trying to wean myself off of the summer schedule. I heated up some honey-seared chicken with brown rice from Pei Wei that I ordered yesterday just for lunch today! I’m weird like that 🙂 It was absolutely delicious and my favorite thing ever from Pei Wei. A couple years ago, I’d have it at least once a week. But I haven’t had in many, many months and this was a mighty good reunion!

In the afternoon, I had to go help out at senior textbook/schedule pick up. I still can’t believe I’m a senior! Several teachers looked at me and said “I remember when you were a freshman! How are you a senior?” I’m pretty mind-blown myself. Anyways, I’m relatively satisfied with my schedule this year. My English class looks by far the greatest… Almost all my friends are in it! That could potentially be a dangerous thing, but I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic year!

My friend Ashley and I have a tradition of going to Sonic Drive Thru every time we’re together. We checked out of school business and headed straight there. I had cheesy, greasy chili cheese tots. I know this is the epitome of junk food, but I can’t help it. It’s just so good! It’s a rare treat though, and I’ll be working out this weekend, mark my words!

The one thing I never, ever fail to get at Sonic is…

A cranberry limeade! This drink it without a doubt the bane of my existence. I’ve gotten so addicted to it since Ashley introduced me to the stuff last year.

Not only does it taste like liquid heaven, cranberry limeades are the prettiest drinks ever! Pale, rosy pink and a couple of bright green limes… There’s a reason I always take the cap off to drink it!

That’s not all, folks.

After coming home and tidying up, I threw some chicken pad thai (also from Pei Wei) into the microwave. I didn’t eat it all, but it was some good stuff! Not as good as the pad thai that I had in Cali, but being a day old could have something to do with that… The chicken in it was perfect!

I’m feeling a bit extra filled-up now, but no regrets. No regrets. It’s all energy for tomorrow- Fish Camp!! I’ll be there as a PAL. I’m so excited to meet the new freshmen and introduce them to the world of Clear Springs!



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