Stylish (Pretty) Little Liars

August 17, 2010 § 2 Comments


I have a confession. I might have spent my whole Sunday watching every episode of Pretty Little Liars. Perhaps I’m living under a rock because I’ve never heard or seen this show at all until the night of the season finale when everyone was posting about how amazing it was on Facebook. Yesterday, after watching the pilot episode for fun, I got insanely addicted and watched the other nine in a row without any breaks in between.

In case you’re living under a rock like me, the show takes place a year after the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis, the Queen Bee of Rosewood, and the BFF of four other pretty girls. Her body is finally found, but Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily receive scary messages from an unknown ‘A’ about secrets only Alison could’ve known. It’s scandalous, dangerous, super juicy, and addicting.

What’s more is that these girls have the best style. It’s not entirely up to ‘Gossip Girl’ status yet, but it’s definitely getting there!

Aria Montgomery is back from a one-year stay in Iceland. She used to dress almost goth and edgy, even adding pink streaks to her hair. Now that she’s back, her style has gotten a lot more worldly and sophisticated, very boho-chic and vintage. Aria is a free spirit and it shows in her actions (an affair with a young English teacher!) and in her clothes.

She’s a fan of cute dresses (Urban Outfitters & Free People vibed) with leather jackets, knee socks, and boots.

My favorite part about Aria’s style is hands-down her accessories. They are so quirky and effortlessly put together. I adore her woven necklace here and these feather earrings:

That takes a lot of daring, which Aria certainly possesses.

Glamorous! Aria wears a lot of black, but has an eye for color as well:

Look at those necklaces! Didn’t I say she was one for accessories?

Emily Fields is an All-American swimmer raised in a military family. She is sweet and sporty, but she has her secrets and insecurities. Her style is more casual and comfortable, but definitely adorable:

This is one of my favorite outfits in the entire show, believe it or not. It’s just so effortlessly and subtly chic! The cuffed and slightly battered jeans, the simple white top, and the cardigan! I literally paused the show when I saw her in this just to take in that cardigan! I have a pink one from Hollister that’s similar and I just know I’ll completely copy this outfit 🙂

This is what Emily wears to Homecoming. I love the elegance and simplicity of it and the color looks fabulous on her!

Another super cute outfit from Emily- I love how she pairs that billowy top with a fitted short skirt. I would never think to style the outfit this way, but it’s a winner!

Spencer Hastings is the brains of the group. She’s aiming to be valedictorian of their class and is at the top of the academic ladder while also excelling at field hockey and tennis. Her fashion sense is spot on classic and preppy. In the photo above, I am so loving how she pairs the bright yellow cardigan with a denim dress. A+!

Spencer is always competing with her older sister Melissa in academics as well as in love (she has a thing for all of Melissa’s boyfriends). At Homecoming, she glams up and brings Alex as her date, which Melissa ultimately tries to ruin. I think she has my favorite Homecoming look. It’s just so timeless!

Black skinny jeans and a long, white tank top with classic flip-flops. Spencer could be the poster child for Ralph Lauren. (I’m also seriously digging Hanna’s outfit in this picture…)

This is another one of my all-time favorite looks from the show. It shows Spencer in a more laidback and relaxed get-up. She’s decorating for Homecoming. High-waited denim shorts, plaid shirt, preppy belt, paint on her cheek, and a super cute guy. Love this girl!

Both Aria and Spencer look gorgeous in this picture. I bet you can’t tell that they are on their way to go camping! I think Aria looks fabulous in her belted cardigan and beret and it looks so surprisingly put together with cargo pants! Spencer, too, looks wonderful in her jeans and a loose sweater. My favorite part? Her bag!

All four look amazing at Alison’s dedication ceremony, but I think Spencer looks especially unique. Her blazer, belted dress, and seriously cool combination of white tights and loafers… She looks so put together and quirky at the same time. Her get up is so similar, yet so different from Hanna’s too!

Here, I love love love Spencer’s top! The print is so cute and wonderfully fresh against her brown belt and dark wash jeans.

Blazers are a key player in Spencer’s closet. I’ve noticed that she likes to belt them too, which is something I haven’t tried before but am dying to because it looks so chic!

Finally, Hanna Marin used to be the dowdy one of the group when Alison was alive. She had weight issues and was nicknamed ‘Hefty Hanna.’ A year later, she is the new It girl of Rosewood High School and her style choices made a complete 180 turn.

I think I can best identify with Hanna’s style choices because she’s all for girly and glam, just like me 🙂 This ruffly red dress is perfect for the party she wore it too, but I’m loving the way she tucked the white belt under.

I’m in love with all of Hanna’s style choices, but this one is one of my top three, if not my absolute favorite. A flowy shirtdress in cobalt blue with flat, black boots… Such a simple yet glamorous combination!

This is another one of my favorites from Hanna, mainly because that jacket is to die for. I’m pretty sure it’s from J. Crew but I love the way that it’s so loose, yet it goes with everything. Her hair is also amazing in this. Unexpected and messily tossed ponytails are always in!

Hanna has always had self-esteem issues, even after she became the new Queen Bee. Not that she needs to, of course, because she is one gorgeous and stylish girl! This striped dress and belt is a classic combination! Far from the innocent girl she was before her dad left, Hanna has now gotten in trouble with the law for shoplifting and for crashing her boyfriend’s car.

A trench coat is forever in vogue, but I’m loving the way Hanna kicks it up a notch by folding her inside shirt over the cuffs. It makes the look instantly younger and more age-appropriate. This is another one of my favorites!

These four girls grow closer as the situation surrounding Alison’s death and this mysterious ‘A’ becomes murkier. They have so many secrets in the past and have so many things to hide, but will always remain best friends along the way.

I really need to go check the series out from the library. I heard it’s really different from the show, but I just can’t get enough of these girls! I’m counting down the days to the next season!

Whose style do you admire best from Pretty Little Liars?


**All photos are from abcfamily.


§ 2 Responses to Stylish (Pretty) Little Liars

  • Rylee Ann says:

    I definetely like aria. dont follow the tv series, but i read the first 2 books, and watched like, 5 of the first episodes.

    i loved those feather earrings.

  • lizzay says:

    DEFINITELY Aria’s. If I had the body and the confidence, that’s exactly how I would dress lol

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