Do Gooders

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

‘Sup folks?

Today was very productive! After getting up just in the nick of time before being late, I headed over to the Interfaith Caring Ministry Resale Shop to volunteer. I was with my friend Ashley, but we split and conquered for the most part. While she sorted and priced toys, I racked clothes and other nifty items:

We spent five hours there today and are going back for another five tomorrow! Grueling work, but a very rewarding experience πŸ™‚ At one point, it was our job to dress Barbie dolls and then wrap them up in Saran wrap. Hello… Easiest and funnest service hours ever. The ladies were all so kind and helpful, and let us off for a thirty minute break for lunch:

Of course, we went to the land of budget food: McDonald’s! When I was in the fourth grade, my dad moved to Texas first to prepare for our arrival. For a couple months straight, my mom, sister and I would grab dinner from the Dollar Menu at Mickey D’s because it was so cheap and easy, especially when we were all exhausted from a long day. I’ve always had something of a love affair with double cheeseburgers… They are just so tempting and delish! Then, at the end of seventh grade, I gave up beef after visiting an agricultural farm and there were no more cheeseburgers for almost exactly four years. Last May, I decided to eat cows again and I’ve savored every bit of red meat since!

I couldn’t leave without treating myself a mocha frappe! This creamy goodness is gold to my taste buds and it’s so much more affordable than Starbucks, but just as delicious! The brain freeze on a sweltering day was also something to be momentarily thankful for. Back at ICM, we stayed for one more hour organizing and tidying up all the racks of clothing. Fun stuff, especially if you’re with one of your best friends, talking and getting so pumped about the upcoming year! Our motto for senior year is going to be work (super) hard, play hard!

Then, my mom and dad and I headed off to the airport to pick up my big sister! I haven’t seen her in about two months and I was so giddy πŸ™‚ We had to deal with a quick rainstorm, but I welcomed it with open arms because I haven’t seen rain in as long as I haven’t seen my sister!

In the car, I drank OJ from Odwalla! My healthy drinks are usually from either Odwalla or Naked Juice, and I think I prefer Odwalla just a teeniest bit more. My favorite flavor is the pomegranate limeade, but the OJ did quite well in this circumstance.

Anyways, my sister’s home and we had our first family dinner in MONTHS! So excited πŸ™‚ I’ma go hang out with her now…




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