The Beginning of the End + Sweet Treats

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

What an overused saying, right?

But, anyways. The first thought in my head this morning was “…and so senior year begins.”

For my first day outfit, I wore my favorite polka dot skirt, a maroon tank top, a gray v-neck, and a large flower belt. I think this outfit would’ve been very casual and plain, but the flower belt spiced it up. I wanted my (last high school) first day outfit to be very cutesy, sophisticated, versatile, and of course, comfortable.

Today was just like any other first day, just a little bit more poignant with the realization that it was to be my very last first day of school as I’m used to it. The day was absolutely chaotic and hectic, a huge frenzy. Friends were reunited, the administrators were a bit nervous, and the teachers vying to make good impressions. I’m pretty satisfied with my schedule. I’ve just forgotten how exhausting it is to get up so early and for the day to drag on so long!

My eyes were already starting to get really droopy on the car home, but my dad surprised me with a box in the mail! Cookies from Miss Sasha! She’s the sweetest thing and even decorated the box with Valentine’s stickers:

Ain’t she sweet? Man, I love this girl. A perfect day-brightening moment. I miss the days when all we used was snail mail. E-mails and Facebook may be quick and oh-so-efficient, but there’s something extra special about something handmade, handwritten, hand delivered.

I stuffed a lot of the broken pieces into my mouth immediately and saved all the intact ones for later 🙂 They are the most scrumptious things EVER. Some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted and that’s sayin’ something. Sasha was even considerate enough to send the recipe along with the goodies and once I’ve succeeded in shoving all these into my tummy (which will be mighty soon), I’ll try my hand at it.

Mmm… It tastes just as good it looks 🙂 Goodness, I’m about to go downstairs and grab a couple more!

And if that wasn’t enough delicious treats as is, my mommy surprised me with handmade soup dumplings. So delicious! My mother’s famous everywhere for these, so I was definitely a lucky one 🙂

Gots to get ready for the second day!



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