August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey guys!

Day three of senior year and it’s goin’ pretty swell! I already feel totally immersed in school already. There’s already a lot of work and this is just the least of it. I’m getting a little terrified now, but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it when I’m walking across the stage in my cap & gown in June!

Today was far from bad, but it wasn’t my best day either. I walked down the stairs for breakfast this morning, but it was dark and I tripped over a stray suitcase at the bottom of the stairs. I went flying on the hardwood floor. My elbow feels a little bit messed up and it’s skinned pretty badly. I have a couple bruises on my hip and knees, but I’m all dandy now! But that put me in a very iffy mood today and I was really, really exhausted by the end of the school day.

My friends were indeed the best kind of medicine and laughing with them cured all my boo-boos 🙂 Economics was super fun and interesting again! Hopefully, this trend continues or else I will be in trouble for the AP test at the end of the year. We got our Economics textbooks today and I just read some of the first chapter. It’s by far one of the most easy-going textbooks I’ve used. I’m likin’ this! Also, I decorated my binder with pretty people from camp. Their faces cheer me up in class. Those cookies do a great deal too!

I didn’t do much after school- napped, ate, studied. I’m becoming a boring person once again! My daddy just came home with some sushi to make up for my injuries today:

The shrimp tempura rolls were so superb. I was only going to sample one and save the rest for tomorrow (since it’s all about portion control and all… ;)), but I ended up sneaking in another one. Very tasty!

There were also a few California rolls, veggie rolls, and smoked salmon rolls. I think the smoked salmon ones were my favorites… I’m still slowly and carefully working up to raw fish, so I’m pretty proud of myself! I really liked the flavor of this salmon, especially with the avocado.

It seems like all I do now is eat, sleep, and study! But baby, tomorrow’s gonna be all about football! First game of the season… So excited!



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