Football Country

August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Greetings, y’all!

I just got home from our very first football game of the year! Very exciting and very fun. Last year, we made it as regional champs and finally got defeated by the reigning state champions. This year, hopefully we will take that title! We have a good chance of it too based on how we performed tonight. Our boys did wonderfully. The score was 27-15 when I left, which was the beginning of the second half, so I’m waiting to hear some good news tonight!

Now, I’m a basketball lover through and through, but you just can’t live in Texas and not love football! I’ll admit I winced through half the game and I don’t even really understand it, but the whole spirit of the fans and the intensity of the players are well worth admiring.

I was there today to document everything in photo form! While my arms and legs did suffer from exhaustion overload, I was right in the middle of all the action and got in for free. Sweet 🙂

The Charger Guard, while enthusiastic and fantastically spirited, perhaps took their job a bit too seriously. Mollie and I nearly got trampled at least five times!

At first, I was more than a little miffed by the fact that the ref’s arm got in the way of my perfect picture. On a closer look however, I sort of like it there… It enhances the structure of the whole image and of the game, I think.

Lightning is our very friendly mascot!

Our crowd cheers as one.

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool. I wish the hand was sharper and in focus, but I love the composition of the photograph and the colors of the clouds!

Here’s Tyler focusing on what the coach is saying.

I’m telling you– being so close to the action had its disadvantages. I was backing up for my life half the time because they were ramming each other inches away from me.

This picture kind of amuses me. Our school symbol is an index finger held up in the air to symbolize “number one.” I love how one of our assistant principals in leading this!

William #1 came over to say hi during half time. I really like how this image is sort of the opposite of a silhouette. Interesting!

He was soon joined by his fellow Will. These two kids are the longest friends I’ve had that go to my school. We’ve known each other since we were wee little middle schoolers. I really like how the colors pop out in this photo!

This may be my favorite picture of the night. I loveeee it so! The two of us were so drained from standing all night (and from avoiding being hit/knocked over), so we took a little breather during halftime.

The band did amazing! It was pretty awesome to finally hear the familiar notes of our songs again!

Why, hello there.

The fans, of course, were the best. Spirited, loud, extra happy to just be there! Everyone came decked out in Chargers paraphernalia and face paint!

I looked over and there was the most beautiful moon ever. It wasn’t quite full (I think it was waning? Not sure…), but it was so bright and big and orange! I took a million pictures of it before being finally somewhat satisfied. Anyways, we’re off to a great start this season! (By the way, final score: 40-23… Clear Springs victory!)



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