Mama’s Other Baby

August 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sleeping in is the best practice ever and whoever came up with it should be knighted.

Today was an extremely mellow day. I drove around town with my dad. I may be the only teenager in the world who doesn’t like to drive fast, but I’m slowly working up to it. I’m getting used to driving and I’m a lot more relaxed about it than before. Hopefully, I’ll get my license by the first of October, but I still need to master parallel parking!

Anyways, my mom has one heck of  a green thumb. She used to garden in North Carolina, but our yard wasn’t fenced in and the deer/bunnies/other woodland creatures would also get to the goods before we did. Here in Texas where everything is bigger, including our yard and fence, my mom spends every free moment in the backyard with her “other babies”– her flowers, veggies, and fruits.

Every season, there is usually one “crop” that is just evidently abundant. This year, it was the pears. I think we literally had sixty on our island at one point and once, I looked out the window and saw the branches of the pear trees just completely weighed down by all the fruit.

Here’s the master of the garden herself. She literally spends hours out there everyday, watering, tending, fertilizing, and just plain admiring. She boasts that our family eats true “organic” food!

We’ve always had a never-ending supply of chives!

It’s a bit late in the season for flowers, but there are still a few roses hanging in there. In the spring, our backyard is a shower of pinks and reds, yellows, and whites. Gorg!

This is the first year that oranges have made an appearance! They aren’t ripe yet, so we haven’t sampled one, but that should be exciting.

Plumeria is without a doubt, one of the prettiest flowers in existence. My sister’s boyfriend Dan brought a bulb back from Hawaii a few years ago and this is only the first year flowers have blossomed! So worth it though, they are a sight to see! Houston isn’t the best climate for them, because it gets way too hot and humid here, but hopefully it will survive!

My mom said that this little thing is a wild watermelon. It popped out from nowhere. It’s smaller than the palm of my hand, but so delicately beautiful.

A couple of fledgling white eggplants. I had some for dinner the other day. They taste the same as any other eggplant, but I must say that I prefer purple ones just because the color is to die for.

Roses are breathtaking as “babies” 🙂

Winter melon is a common vegetable in Asian cooking. It’s glassy lookin’ and very, very mushy and usually used in soups. It’s also very, very bland, which puts some people off. We have reaped in GINORMOUS ones already. Some are the size of a large beach ball.

I’m not sure what this is called, but it is a type of vegetable melon like the winter melon above. The only difference is that it is often a little bit tougher and the melon itself is smaller in size and shaped like a gourd instead of a watermelon.

A very large mass of ‘kong xin cai’ or water spinach/ong choy. It’s one of the vegetables I will actually eat, if cooked properly.

Okay, so I just looked up the same of these melons– “si gua,” and I was given “loofah.” That’s good enough for me. These three are pretty massive and getting old, but…

A baby loofah! Gosh, that word is fun. “Mom, I want a loofah for dinner.” You betcha I’ll try that out.

A dramatically composed photo. These are the flowers of the loofah melon. Pretty!

Freshly picked chives for dinner!

The late afternoon/early evening is my favorite time to look at the sky. Pinks, purples, blues, and oranges always swirl together to form the prettiest blanket. It’s highly comforting to know what wherever we are on this planet, no matter how different countries and individuals are, we still live under the same rooftop.

Goodnight everyone!



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