Will Work for Pizza

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment


This girl will do anything for food. I promised to pitch in three hours after school with the yearbook to work on a media guide for the volleyball team as long as they promised in return to feed me.

Before the actual pizza even arrived, I made a quick trip to Sonic with Mollie, Cole, David, and David’s little sister for some much-needed energy in a gigantic Route 44 Cranberry Limeade. It was necessary.

As I walked out of the bathroom with Mollie (which was seriously like three hallways down… very far away), I literally said “I smell it!!!!” and we sprinted all the way to the yearbook room, bursted through the door, and scrambled into the first spots in line just as the nice volleyball moms placed the pizza boxes onto the desks.

Pizza from Little Caesar’s is pizza at its finest. Why does grease have to be so bad for you? Anyways, I went all out. I was so hungry I could’ve swallowed an elephant whole, so I snagged two pepperoni pieces, a sausage piece, and some Crazy Bread. Good stuff right there.

I’m off to work on college applications like a good girl,



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