Wishin’ & Lovin’: September

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Happy September!

Wishin’ & Lovin’ is this new monthly feature I’m going to attempt. On the first day of every month, I will post a list of sorts. It will include everything from the things I wish for, the things I would want (if, you know… I had a million dollars or something), the things that are on my mind and that I’m thinking about, trends I’m digging, things I love, events I have planned, movies/books/shows that I’m impatiently waiting for, places I’m going, etc. etc. Basically, whatever’s on my mind for the month!

So, for the month of September…

I am beyond excited that this is back:

Amazing and delectable, it’s a shame that Starbucks doesn’t offer Pumpkin Spice Lattes year-round. But perhaps too much of a good thing isn’t the best option anyways. I gots to make a trip one morning and grab a cup of this yumminess.

I’m loving this trend:

Boyfriend jeans! I’ve always thought these baggy jeans look great on tall people like Katie Holmes, but I’ve always held the notion that boyfriend jeans just make short people look shorter. Reese Witherspoon has blown that idea all the way to Antarctica. It looks so great and autumn-y!

I want…

A beaded or metallic headband! They pop out against dark hair like mine and can be dressed up or down. Perfect for autumn! These are my favorites from Forever21 and are completely affordable… Each one is less than 7 bucks!

This color entices me:

I’m loving the idea of a bright yellow pair of flats peeking out from underneath jeans or a cute dress. Or, in the later days of this month, a mustard yellow jacket or beret. A darker yellow epitomizes September for me 🙂

I am counting down the days until the return of…

Gossip Girl and Glee! Two of my favorite shows ever. Yes, I am one of those people. A total Gleek and whatever you call fans of Gossip Girl. I’ve fallen behind a couple episodes, so I need to get caught up again before the new seasons start! So excited 🙂

I’m heading to the movie theater for…

The Romantics! Not only does it have an amazing, amazing cast (Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody, Anna Paquin, Malin Ackerman, and many, many more…), but it has that perfect chick-flick kind of vibe that I love with a slightly more indie-ish edge. And besides, have you seen that beautiful ad campaign the cast did in collaboration with J.Crew?

I’m thinkin’ bout…

This quote: “Promise me you won’t ever forget me because if I thought you would, I would never leave.” –Winnie the Pooh to Piglet. Now, this of course isn’t specific to this month, but I’ve been thinking about goodbyes for a long time. I know that I still have a year left in this place, but that time is going to fly by so quickly. Halloween’s going to be here in no time, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, then the New Year’s, Spring Break soon after, and before long, graduation and the end of high school. I know that there are going to be so many goodbyes soon, but I know for sure that I’ll keep in touch with the people that I’m meant to keep in touch with 🙂

I’m anticipating…

Hurricane season! The picture is from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. There is so much tension and nervousness in September due to the scary hurricanes. Hopefully we won’t have one this year and if we do, hopefully it will be extremely mild. It has been rainy and stormy this whole week, which I love because that is just nap weather, but fingers crossed nothing too torrential stops by!

I’m going to be totally immersed in:

College applications. Ugh. I can already feel the headaches. I mean, I know they aren’t technically due until November and December, but I’m aiming to get mostly everything done this month, plus get my SAT2’s all done by November, so I’m predicting lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of work this month. Just 3 more months until my load lessens by a TON! Can’t wait!

I want to try…

Super glittery or metallic nail polish (preferably gold)! This just seems so fall. Along with all the neutrals color of autumn, this nail polish would look so gorgeous. Can you imagine it against orange and red leaves and dark green or brown dresses? Lovely. Jessica Alba’s style is what I’m going for here.

And just one more, because on September 21st, it will be…

AUTUMN! I’m so psyched… Cooler temperatures, lots of rain, pretty leaves (although, we don’t have much of that in Texas to be honest…), hot cocoa in the mornings, apples, scarves and cardigans, slowly making our way towards holiday seasons, slightly thicker clothing, long-sleeved shirts, trench coats, flats, gold, orange, red, coffee, baked goods, cinnamon, cashmere, bathrobes…

Hello, September.



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