Avid Garden-er

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Y’all, I had Olive Garden again! I think this may be the third time in like two weeks. I need to stop, but I can’t help it. I grew up on Chicken Alfredos and salty breadsticks.

I was weak and in the need for sugar. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar for the most month or so, but I wanted nothing more than a comforting slice of cheesecake today. The raspberry cheesecake was absolutely divine and perfect for me. I shared it with my mommy, who is my fellow cheesecake worshiper. I really liked how this cheesecake wasn’t as sweet as the usual ones and the crust was slightly bitter from chocolate and raspberry. Super yum.

For dinner, I had half a carton of salad with delicious Italian dressing (though, I did oversoak it just a tad tonight…) and classic lasagna! Not the best I’ve ever had, but nevertheless quite satisfying. I have been craving lasagna for a week straight! I ❤ anything cheesy.

Right now, I am doing massive amounts of calculus homework (bleh), studying for a PALS name test, quizzes for calculus and art history, and starting a major essay for English. School has finally returned full-force. I’m doing all this while listening to mellow music– Colbie Caillat, James Blunt, and some very old Britney. Oh, and some J. Beibz. Don’t hate 🙂



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