Bad Day, Good Day

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was really ick. The thunder woke me up in the morning and my head was throbbing all day because of that and also, I was just really drowsy and exhausted throughout school. Then, my stomach hurt really bad in the afternoon and evening, so I was Miss Crankypants until bedtime. The cherry on top of all that wonderfulness was that my computer got infected by a virus (which, by the way, accounts for my absence). Bluntly, yesterday sucked.

HOWEVER. Chocolate is always a happiness-inducer, right?

My friend Brina and I opted to work out in the hallway during English. We were supposed to be working on a major essay on East of Eden, but instead, we wisely used the time to study up on some Art History. I used the time to stuff my face with these yummy things:

Sooo heavenly! Dark/white/milk chocolate with marshmallows, toffee, and nuts. It was a souvenir my daddy brought back to me from Miami. Good dads know that the way into a daughter’s heart is through her belly 🙂 Don’t you love my art history sketches? I’m like Picasso or something.


I found out how sad modern technology makes life. When my computer went berserk last night around 7 pm from the virus, I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So, I resorted back to my first and favorite hobby- reading!! I finished a big half of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and completed it just now. More on that later.

I felt a little bit better when my daddy brought me some Crawfish Etouffe with dirty rice from Pappadeaux’s. Nothing like some spicy hot seafood to brighten my day! I ate a couple forkfuls at night and then polished it off for lunch today. Very, very spicy, but extremely satisfying and hearty. But, that’s not all.

I had half of a slice of cheesecake with strawberries for breakfast. That’s how I roll, guys and gals, because I needed the sugar to aid me in driving my mom for the first time ever! She was pretty nervous about it all, but I think I got her stamp of approval. I drove us to Best Buy so we could beg the Geek Squad for help in doctoring up my computadora and then to Borders, and then to Lowe’s. Rock on.

As an afternoon snack, my mom made me some red bean soup. It tasted sort of like peanut butter, but a lot better.

Like I said, I spent a lot of hours reading Wuthering Heights. I didn’t expect too much going in because I was forewarned that it was long, boring, and sad. I still don’t know how I feel about it. I love Emily Bronte’s writing style. It flows like honey and is so captivating. However, the story itself, I was not too fond of. The characters annoyed me so much through their actions and their words. Man, especially Ellen Dean- I could not stand her at all. Overall, I appreciated it, but did not like it. In my opinion, it can’t compare to Jane Austen’s novels or even to Jane Eyre, which was also written by a Bronte sister.

Lesson learned: A bad day makes an ordinary day seem all the more wonderful 🙂



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