T is for Tex-Mex

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

…and Thursdays!

So, this four day week definitely didn’t fly by as quick as I thought it would. It’s kind of strange because each day by itself seems to drag on forever and I’m always feeling so loaded and exhausted by the end of the day. Yet, with a jolt, I realize that tomorrow is the 10th. 10 days have passed so fast. I feel like yesterday was just the 1st. What is this?

School was nothing special today. I have two tests tomorrow plus some homework due. We did tell ghost stories in English (we’re starting Macbeth!) and that gave me chills. I stayed after school to prepare for NHS stuff some more. I’m so excited about it this year… All the activities are going to loads of fun 🙂

One of the greatest things about living in Texas is dining on Tex-Mex at its yummiest. I stuffed myself with food from Cafe Adobe today. I’ve never tried anything there, but I was very impressed.

The tortilla chips were sooooooo mindboggingly good. They’re different from other tortilla chips elsewhere, but I can’t explain it! The salsa was extra hot n’ spicy though, so I skipped that stuff and went straight to…

My chicken, cheese, and peppers quesadilla. It was quite scrumptious, I tell ya. And, oh my, that guacamole. I’ll say something right here. My ideal last meal on Earth would be humongous and span across several tables, but guacamole will be prevalent. I love the green goo to death. Cafe Adobe made it incredibly well. Kudos!

Now. Time for more studying. One more day till the weekend!



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