Never Forget, Always Remember

September 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

September 11, 2001 is a date etched deeply into every American’s mind. It was a day of tears, a day of questions, a day of shock and sadness, a day of tragedy. At the same time, it was a day of realizations. The realization that we must unite and stand together once again as a nation, the realization that for every terrorist and ill-wisher out there, there were tens and hundreds more brave heroes in return. Through the smoky haze and the fires, through the television footage displaying the almost slow-motion crumbling of the majestic buildings, through the utter disbelief and anger and confusion, we witnessed the bravery and the complete selflessness of firefighters and police officers, the rescue workers. On the TV and on the Internet, the rest of the world watched the sacrifices of heroes– of those who were doing their jobs and of those ordinary civilians, of Flight 93- the flight that fought back, of the police dogs.

On this day,  it is our duty not to hate, but to remember. Remember all of the innocent victims who lost their lives. It is the day to commemorate their lives and their legacies. It’s been nine years– nearly a decade– since the morning of that horrible, horrible day, but the pain doesn’t cease and the memories never dim.

I was in the third grade, still living in North Carolina then. I don’t remember what our class was doing that morning– learning in another classroom, perhaps, or maybe at recess. Mrs. Gilmore, our assistant teacher, came to fetch us and silently brought us back to our main classroom. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Gilliken, had rolled in a television set and was crying at her desk.

“We have something important to tell you. Something horrible has happened,” Mrs. Gilmore said. She proceeded to tell us that two planes had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. We were young then– nine years old. Not quite understanding the severity and magnitude of the situation, we were quiet and solemn, but we couldn’t comprehend our teachers’ tears. It was only later, through our parents, that the entirety of the matter was communicated to us.

Never forget those whose lives were lost on this day. Always Remember.



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