Rice Isn’t Just for the Hungry

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

My parents took me on a mini road trip after school today. The destination? Rice University. We went there to visit the daughter of one of my dad’s friends and so I could take in the sights of another college campus.

My mom knows me too well and packed me food for the 30 minute car ride:

Two steamed vegetable buns! Fluffy buns encased with vermicelli, mushrooms, cabbages, and ground pork. These were insanely good and I continued gobbling them down for dinner. I’m a champion.

Anyways, the verdict on Rice? I thought the campus was very beautiful and traditional. I loved the style of the buildings and how everything was so compact. The campus is pretty small though, which leads me to think that it’s a tight-knit community and there’s a lot of privacy and everything is just very mellow in general. That’s the vibe I got. Alas, I think it’s a bit too close to home. My parents would be making daily trips to visit me, and as much as I’m going to miss them, I’m not going to miss them that much. So, in conclusion, I thought the facilities and the basic feel of the school were phenomenal, just not for me.

Is it only Tuesday? This week seems to be going on forever! No matter, tomorrow is Humpday 🙂 Anyways, today wasn’t too shabby. I’m pretty sure I did well on my Calculus test that I was having a minor panic attack over (knock on wood). I got complimented on my “infectious laugh and charming smile” and learned that with the costs and resources of raising me alone in America, 70-200 children could be raised in a developing country. I’m feeling pretty darned lucky right now, so I won’t be complaining about my Environmental Science test tomorrow. Which I should probably be studying for right now!

Count your blessings and all that. We’re a lucky, lucky crowd to have access to the World Wide Web and electricity and toilets. You can’t even imagine. I also find myself extremely lucky to have obtained SOY MILK via my mother. She and I have a serious mother-daughter telepathic connection because I was totally craving soy milk all week and I came home today to find two bottles waiting for me. Ahhh! I’ve had two tall glasses already and the day’s not even over.

Until tomorow,



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