Falling For…

September 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Two days after a shopping trip, I will often fling my closet door open and declare that there is clearly a lack of clothing. Nothing seems right. Sometimes, the graphics on Hollister t-shirts or shirts emblazoned with A&F logos just seem too juvenile. A dress might look too frou-frou, especially with that elaborate belt. The neatly stacked sweaters have already made their runs ten times over and oh gosh, jeans are sometimes just too uncomfortable.

It’s bad and I hate to say it. I’m guilty of being completely insatiable when it comes to clothes. My closet demands to be constantly replenished because my personality calls for variety. One month, I’ll wear nothing but summery dresses and flip flops, but the next I won’t even touch either.

With that said, here’s my if-my-wealth-equaled-that-of-Bill-Gates’s wishlist for my fall wardrobe:

From American Eagle:

This vest cardigan is so perfectly loose and swingy. It’d be ideal for the days bordering between warm and cool and would look so spectacular with a long sleeve tee and skinny jeans.

Adorable dress! Great color and the ruffles are so wonderfully lovely. It’s so sophisticated, but age appropriate for anyone between the ages of sixteen and anywhere in the twenties range. For me, it’d be the best dress to wear to award ceremonies and other semi-formal events. The more I look at it, the more I crave it!

I’ve been extremely weary of jeggings this whole time because I feel that they’d be less than flattering and comfortable. I still haven’t tried on a pair, but I’m liking the way they look more and more, especially because I find myself debating between skinny jeans and tights all. the. time. These AE ones look impeccably made, as do…

From Gap:

These! I’ve read great reviews about Gap jeggings, especially about the fact that they fit so spectacularly. I like how the waist a little bit higher up too, because honestly, I dress more like I’m 35 than my real age. Anyways, these look like they’d elongate looks and as a bonus, I heard they’re extra thin and comfy.

I guess I’m denim obsessed this season, because I’ve been on the hunt for a good quality denim jacket. Just like in the 90s 🙂 I snagged one of my sister’s old ones, but that one’s getting to be a little snug. This one looks like it’d be a great fit– not too tight and not too loose. I’m mainly looking for something to throw over dresses and flats.

From Forever21:

Okay, I just really, really, really need this cardigan. It’s so slouchy and snuggle-inducing!I love how it looks so effortlessly gorgeous with shorts and tights, but I’m sure it’d look just as snazzy paired with skinny jeans. I need this stat. Now, now, now.

I really want a simple striped 3/4-length sleeved top because I want to be a French woman. They look so cool. This one looks just perfect. Again, it’s fabulous paired with shorts.

From Tory Burch:

Don’t ask me why, but Reva ballerina flats just seem so autumn. I’d want them in a color so unexpected and in-your-face, though, like bright orange or magenta. I want to wear them with a navy blazer. Maybe Bill Gates will donate a little somethin’?

From Loeffler Randall:

This is kind of a long shot and I guess I’d really need to be Bill Gates or perhaps even Donald Trump for them to magically appear in my closet, but they are so gorgeous. On my (long) list of shoes that I’d work eighty million hours to obtain, these land in the spot immediately after seven Louboutins. Not just these, but any Loeffler Randall riding boots. They are so lustworthy. I’m just going to sit here and stare for a few moments.

Excuse me while I go do that.



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