Short and Sweet

September 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

I like my school days short and sweet. I’ve found that the shorter a class is, the more I’m willing to take in information and the longer I’ll remember all the facts. Plus, after school, after a short nap, I still have ten hours left in the day, as opposed to five or six.

Here’s dinner. Cold, peanut-buttery, yummy noodles. So yummy. So good. Moving on.

The other day, I finished Women of the Silk by Gail Tsukiyama. I found it very impressive and insightful, and Tsukiyama definitely made a lot of risks. I really liked her simplistic yet revealings style of writing. Her sentences were concise and not very wordy, hitting the point right off the bat. But at the same time, we could feel everything that the protagonist felt, saw everything that she saw. And when the book ended, I was left with many questions. I love a book that ends kind of open-ended, for you to imagine what happens afterwards. In general, a great read!



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