Forever21, Bigger & Better

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

The big shopping news in my part of town is the grand opening of the new Forever21 store in Baybrook Mall. There was an average-sized store location in the mall already, with a ForLove21 just on the other side of the shopping arena. But, that wasn’t enough for Houstonians apparently, because they converted an old department store into a new Forever21 store!

Hundreds of people started lining up outside starting at 5 PM the night before. It bordered on Black Friday-crazy! From multiple people, I’ve heard that the store is enormous and the stock is amazing. I myself haven’t made the trip yet, my mom promised me to take me on Friday after school if I’m on my best behavior this week.

A few things that I’ll keep an eye out for:

Tulip skirts are original and complex enough to just wear with simple tops. Such an easy way to look chic on a lazy day!

What can I say… I love my high-waisted skirts like none other. This print and color is adorable and fresh.

I’m really into this top! It looks great paired with denim shorts, a skirt, or jeans and a blazer. Here’s a shorter version:

I sort of like the idea of the first one better, but I have a feeling the second might go with more things. We shall see in the fitting room!

Here’s a cute tunic! I wish it was shorter and the waist wasn’t cinched because then it might go with more things. I can still imagine these with leggings or tights though and some supercute footwear.

I’ve been on the lookout for floral prints for a very, very long time. I really like the versatility of this dress… It’s exactly what I imagine to wear under a denim jacket or by itself with tights.

And finally, this dress. It’s a bit similar to the previous frock. I’m wary that it’ll be too short as Forever21 dresses sometimes tend to be, but once again, we shall find out in the fitting room!

Soooo excited!!



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