Mecca & Coffee House

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I went to Mecca yesterday.

I finally visited the new Forever21 at Baybrook. It was everything I hoped for and more. My head is still reeling from the fact that this space was previously used for a department store. The store itself was huuuuuuge. Two stories and a million sub-sections. It had so much stock… Basically everything on the website and I even saw things from months ago.

What you can see in this is only about 1/4 of the first floor. The only minor downsides to this Forever21 are that it’s really hard to find specific items if they caught your fancy online or whatnot, and that the sale section is kind of dowdy and small at the moment. Hopefully, that’s only because the store has only been open for a week. Anyways, I was a bit overwhelmed the whole time and spun around in circles trying to find my way around, so I only picked a couple of items to try on (the fitting rooms are MUCH more desirable than the ones at the old store), but unfortunately, nothing seemed to fit quite right. I couldn’t leave without getting anything though:

The cutest belt ever… And the plus side is that it goes with absolutely everything! It does run small though, so size up! The reason my shopping trip had to (sadly) be cut short was because I had to head back to school for Coffee House:

Coffee House is the cool little bi-annual event that my school’s Theater department hosts. People sip coffee and hot chocolate and nibble on pastries and goodies that are found at a cafe and sit down in comfy couches and seats to watch performances ranging from skits to songs. It was so incredible! I was blown away and completely impressed.

As hosts, these kids had the crowd in continuous fits of laughter.

A rousing rendition of Say My Name, performed by Chandler.

One of my favorite segments of the night was a talk show skit featuring the Joker, Batman, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader. It was absolutely hilarious– I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe 🙂

My friend Joel performed in multiple acts, both of which were amazing. I can’t even do his talent justice at all through any kind of words… His work is just incredible.

And, of course… The theater acted in a fabulous skit:

My gorgeous friend Megan 🙂

Awesome job, Theater! Everyone deserves a standing ovation for their talent and performances. It was a wonderful event and I enjoyed myself immensely. Of course, I had my camera with me (as I always do) and I had an epiphany of sorts and played with white balance and manual focus and such and snapped these:

Why, I don’t get distracted easily by bright and shiny things. Where did you get such a crazy idea?



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