Eff Double Oh Dee

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…Spells food!

Last Saturday, I attended the Houston Italian Festival as a volunteer. I was there for a few hours serving LOTS of slices of pizza (which is ironic, since I volunteered at my school district’s Imagination Celebration yesterday morning and served pizza there too), but we walked around afterwards to listen to music and inhale some fuel. I picked up some Rigatini Al Forno, which looked and smelled divine (as seen above), but wasn’t the BEST pasta I’ve had in my life, which is kind of sad since it was at an Italian festival. Still pretty darn tasty though!

This week was a total Cafe Adobe-fest in my house. One night I had fish tacos which prompted an omgomgomgomg reaction. The fish was grilled nicely with a smoky flavor, offset wonderfully with the differing textures of the tortillas and veggies and the sauce added just the right amount of spice. I love my fish tacos and this one was certainly a contender for a gold medal.

That wasn’t all. I went again for this…

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas! This is my favorite thing to order at Cafe Adobe. Still as amazing as ever… The sour cream just tastes so incredibly wonderful with the shredded chicken. The salsa was too spicy for me so I scraped it aside, but everything else was absolutely heavenly.

And finally, the Tres Leche cake has taken my heart. Creamy and fragrant and just soggy enough and the icing, ohmygod the icing was sweet but not sugary. Soft and dense and so full of mouthwatering goodness. Toooooo delicious.



Southern Festivity Pt II

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Here are the rest of the pictures!

Another boy I’ve spent six years of my life with (Cole!)! It’s getting kind of crazy. I saw two of my middle school teachers today and they looked so different. I bet we looked even more different to them. Where did all the time go?

I am so very grateful to have Brina in my life πŸ™‚ We have gotten SO close in the past four years that multiple people have recently commented that we have developed our own language. We speak in an abbreviated form that only we can understand. We are always together– so much so that I have started saying that we are each other’s shadows.

I have such beautiful, wonderful friends!

We had an avalanche of cake balls left after the Carnival! We did make good money, so we gifted them to teachers for teachers’ appreciation and also let the students have at it.

Although most of the cakeballs brought in by our members were absolutely gorgeous, I do not want to see another one for a very long time. πŸ˜›

Off to my very last high school Homecoming! (Unless I come back for the one next year…)

Now, I’ve beenΒ noticeably posting less and less this month. That is because my life is hectic right now with college applications, standardized testing, scholarships, schoolwork, yadda yadda yadda. Hopefully, it’ll calm down a lot by November. For the time being, I’ll only post about once or twice a week unless there’s something extremely exciting to tell like, oh…

A BRAND NEW SWEET VALLEY BOOK IS BEING RELEASED. OMG. AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE USING THE ACRONYM OMG, BUT OH EM GEEEEEEEE. I was absolutely 200% obsessed with the SVH series when I was a kid. Elizabeth and Jessica were my favorite people in the world, though I favored Elizabeth just a tad more. And then in middle school, I adored Sweet Valley University but I slowly weaned myself off of it once Elizabeth and Tom broke up because to this day, I still love them together. Then there was some weird diary-type deal with a brand new crew of people? Yeah, that didn’t really fly with me. But apparently in this new book, Sweet Valley Confidential, Elizabeth and Jessica have been estranged for years. Oh noes. Cannot wait for MARCH!


Southern Festivity

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The past few days have been nonstop chaos, which is why I am only updating now. Last week was Homecoming Week and down here in Texas, that’s a big deal. We held a Carnival at school on Friday and then the big game was on Friday night. We won by 35 points… Victory!

Here are pictures from the hectic day:

Senior crowns are a tradition! People get them from Burger King and decorate them splendidly.

An adorable picture of my best friend and me πŸ™‚

My dear friend Ashley and I have come a long way.

Student Council brought in an old car to be smashed. Of course, our rival’s name was spray-painted all over it. Release the anger, kids!

The Jewelry Club sold the most darling bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

My overflowing Coke float from the Orchestra booth.

The longest friend I have had that goes to my school. We have been through so much together. Six years of sibling-hood!

My friend Jzavon has made Art History quite entertaining this year!

Discovering something new with Susan.

My beautiful friend Meg πŸ™‚ I covet her hair color.

Highly intense photo-reviewing time.

NHS members donated 1500+ cake balls and these were the leftovers, which are going to be used as teacher appreciation gifts.

Part II to come tomorrow!


My Kind of College

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Hi all!

This is going to be an image-less post today because frankly, I didn’t take any pictures today. Nor am I sprightly enough to search for pictures on Google and post them πŸ™‚

Today, the seniors at my school visited various college campuses around Houston. I went to Rice University with about thirty people and we were given a tour by one of our English teachers who attends graduate school there. Rice was gorgeous in every possible way. I think my favorite aspect of the campus was the openness, the easy structure and layout, and the extreme mellowness embodied by everyone and everything, including the squirrels! My friend Mollie even fed a pretzel to a squirrel. He just came right up and nibbled the pretzel straight from her hand! But as I was walking around, I just couldn’t imagine attending the university. I came home and evaluated what I really wanted in a college and here’s what I came up with:

1. A big campus. I have come to realize that I am not one for small campuses. No, after touring Rice today, I thought wait, that’s it? I want lots of places to roam and explore, I want to get lost once in awhile, I want to take twenty minute walks to morning class so I can work off muffins and chocolate milk. A small campus would be too similar to a big boarding school or a really big high school to me. I’d feel caged. No can do.

2. Tradition and camaraderie. One of the biggest things I crave for college is the tradition and the camaraderie. I love how everyone is connected and united through quirky little rituals that are sometimes completely ridiculous and crazy, but treasured and sacred all the same. I think it is the traditions that define a school. Two, three, four generations later, students will share the same traditions.

3. Small-ish classes. This is kind of contradictory to the first one, but I do want small-ish classes where discussions and lectures are very fluid and full of opinions. It’s less chaotic and easier to focus. It’d also be great to develop close relationships with my professors and peers!

4. Big city location. I like big cities. The hustle and bustle, the activity, the neverending list of things to do, the culture, the easy transportation. I don’t like small towns, though I’ve lived in small towns all my life. San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, St. Louis, heck even Denver would do! I just want a big city! Also, from my personal experiences and from what I’ve heard from people that do attend colleges in big cities, it is a wonderful advantage to live so close to a big city because classes often take place in museums, theaters, or great metropolitan areas that smaller cities just can’t offer.

5. Core curriculum or interdisciplinary curriculum. As of right now, I know that Columbia and Stanford both do this. I’m not too sure about other universities yet, which means… Research! Basically, such a curriculum would (and requires to) give you a taste in several different fields so you get a little bit of everything.

6. Academic rigor, challenge, and interest. In high school, we do a lot of busy work and assignments that are, for lack of a better word, easy. Even tests and research papers that are long and drawn-out and even hard at times are difficult to do because they are required, everyone does the same thing, and frankly, we do it for the grades. In college, on the other hand, I want to focus on fields that I’m truly interested in. For me, that’s history and literature and language, perhaps even psychology and business. I don’t mind working my butt off for any of these subjects at all because I want to learn more. I want to be challenged in these areas because it’s what I chose to learn about.

7. A social scene. It’s not a deciding factor by any means, but I would prefer it if my future university would have some type of a social scene. I’d love a semi-active Greek life because I like the idea of sisterhood and whatnot. But, I’m not just talking about parties and mixers and etcetera. I’m also talking about football games and basketball games where fans get really in the moment.

8. Great facilities. Again, this is more of a bonus than an actual make-it-or-break-it deal. I would love a massive, gorgeous library like Green Library at Stanford or the main library at NYU (so. drop-dead. insanely. beautiful). The suite-style dorms are impeccable over at UCBerkeley and I know that UTAustin has great dorms, as well. The gym at Rice is state-of-the-art and super pretty. Cafeterias… I still love WashU’s cafeteria the best and I’m also pretty hooked on Berkeley’s. Columbia’s point system also sounds amazing, but I haven’t actually seen any of their cafeterias.

9. Lots of extracurriculars. Actually, I’m sure this is true for every school. I’m looking for lots of clubs, lots of programs, lots of organizations. I’m really looking forward to being in various groups and niches in college, having lots of friends in lots of different places. And it’d be fun to have a place to explore all my different interests. For this, I remember USC most clearly actually because they talked about an extracurricular activity fair that they hold on this superlong walkway and they have the most random, cool clubs ever.

10. A strong study abroad program. Now, this one is really important to me. Most of the schools that I’m interested in do support great study abroad programs. I’m a big traveler and I’m so intent on not just learning about but actually experiencing other cultures and seeing the sights and hearing the sounds and tasting the food of different countries. I want to go somewhere mellow and relaxing like Australia or somewhere so full of history and culture like Italy or Spain. So far, I’ve been most impressed with NYU and Columbia’s extensive study-abroad programs, but I do know that most schools do offer really great choices in this aspect.

and just one more:

11. A pretty campus! At Stanford, I was enamored with the pretty yellow buildings with red, scalloped roof tiles and its picturesque murals. I’d look out the window during class and behold a splendid sight of mountains and palm trees. When I visited Columbia, I was drawn into the perfect balance between a traditional campus with its stately, gothic-style buildings surrounded by a contemporary city, cars zooming by on Amsterdam Avenue. I’ve heard that Northwestern’s beauty is unrivaled, with its lake and trees and ivy-covered buildings. University of Chicago, as I recall, looks just like Hogwarts. UNC, where I grew up, is covered with trees and blue skies. Beautiful campuses are everywhere.

What are you looking for in an university?


Oh So Pitiful

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I’m feeling extremely sorry for myself right now. I am sniffly and fever-ish and sore. Therefore, I do what only makes sense:

1. Load up on the OJ.

2. Shovel down cheesy, carby seafood pasta from Olive Garden by the forkful even though… you know, you don’t have any taste buds.

3. Taunt yourself by eating half of a delicious, light, airy, moist, creamy, perfect Lemon Cream Cake that once again, you can’t fully enjoy. Power of the mind, that’s what.

4. Treat yourself with 15 minutes of extra sleep in the morning instead of rising to exercise. Finish a Economics test, do some water testing with your pretty little beta fish, go home and sleep for the majority of the school day, and go back to school for 45 minutes to learn some Calculus.

And 5. Cuddle with your Mama.


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Hello dears,

I have very much neglected this corner of cyberspace this past week. Just a few excuses:

A dead and gone computer, an big, slow dinosaur of a (new?) old computer, three major school tests, an SAT Subject Test, college applications, an annoying cold, and uh… shopping. Yes, that definitely counts.

Therefore, I have much to share!

First things first… Meet my new friend Pipsqueak:

Sorry for the blurry (ahem, artsy) photo, but I couldn’t get any good ones of him in his plastic container. He is for a science project. No worries, he is for a completely ethical and non-harmful science project. But he’s sooooo pret-ty. You can’t tell in pictures, but he is this really shiny, luminescent purple and silver color. So gorgeous!

As a reward to myself for finishing up my SAT Literature test, I went shopping with my two best friends on Saturday. We of course spent 90% of our time at the new and improved Forever21. This beauty was on sale for less than 15 bucks. I couldn’t decide between an XS (better length, tighter bust) or a S (sliiightly looser fit overall), but finally decided on a S. I think the XS would’ve worked better as a casual summer dress but the S will work as both a day dress AND as a semi-formal dress because the material is right for such an occasion. Another view:

I absolutely LOVE the detail, the color, and the neckline. It’s different from any other dress I have. I did end up picking the Small and I already have the perfect (semi-formal) occasion picked out for it. Also at Forever21, I was very much inclined to buy the cutest sweater dress (the striped blob you see by my feet in the above picture). But being the indecisive person I am, I spent thirty minutes picking out a color and then finally just left it altogether. I might go back later this week to return something and pick it up again…

This adorable red ikat skirt is also in my possession now. I always say that I can never have enough cardigans and high-waisted skirt, so I’m proving myself right once again. This skirt is soooo pretty in person. I was about to buy it in turquoise too, but then I thought… Overkill.

Believe it or not, it was this tiny button that first caught my eye and urged me to try this on πŸ™‚

I was with these two pretty girls the entire day and it definitely rocked my socks off. We did end up getting those furry vests for Twin Day at school (rest assured, nothing else from this ridiculous outfit…) but I am probably going to return it the day after and get the sweater dress instead.

Funny story– We were at Starbucks waiting for our drinks and there was this one lone coffee cup waiting on the counter. It had been there for five minutes or so, and on our way out my friend Mollie asked if we could just take it. The barista didn’t even hesitate to say yes so we walked away with a hefty vanilla latte.

What I did pay for was this extra delicious Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. I do like the hot version better, but as I was in the middle of a shopping mall, I didn’t want to get too heated up with a warm drink.

And on a parting note, here are some tea eggs that my mom made. One of my favorite traditional Chinese delicacies of all time.

Peace out,


Odds and Ends

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I have the world’s suckiest Internet in my hands at this very moment.

It will function very nicely until you click on anything at all, and then it shuts itself off for three minutes. Honestly, it’s more immature than a three-year-old. And not as cute.

I think the internet people are coming on the morrow to reroute the network or whatever else tech-savvy people do to make Internet work. I am a slave to modern technology. Geez.

Now, bear in mind, this will be the randomest post ever. I have noticed that my scatter-brainness has increased tenfold.

Issue #1.

My daddy came home this weekend from a two-week trip to China! Very exciting, as he got to spend some time with both sides of the family and was able to regale us with funny tales for the past two days. He came bearing presents:

Most of the presents related to food in some way. No surprises there. He did haul back this gigansaurus box of mooncakes. It’s huge. As big as a suitcase. But, there were only a few measly mooncakes in there. I celebrated a belated Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival by nibbling a tiny sliver of a mooncake. Good, but my momma makes ’em better πŸ™‚

Issue #2.

Outfit of the Day.

I don’t by any means call myself a fashionista. I’m definitely not one of the most fashionable girls at school nor am I particularly known for my clothing. I just happen to love love love clothes and buy a lot of stuff any chance I get. And once in awhile, I put something together that’s real cute. In my opinion. That I’d like to share with you πŸ˜‰

So perhaps I’ll have one of these “Outfit of the Days” once or twice a week. This is a test photo and the lighting sucks, my hair is totally uninspired, and the background is whack. It’ll get better, I promise.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Garden Collection by H&M

Jeans: Forever21 cheapie jeanies.

Belt: Forever21

Flats: Steve Madden

Aaaaand finally, Issue #3.

Nail color! I’m a very boring person nail color-wise. I’m always too lazy to pick up the friggin’ polish and do my nails. Especially my toenails. But, I do pick up a different color every three months or so and then just continue to repolish over the chipped parts and whatnot until I’m deathly bored of it.

I grew out of my hot pink summery nails this weekend and swiped on some Bahama Mama dark red nail polish by Essie. I’m likin’ how sleek it looks and the wine color. The formula is also fantastic and it goes on with a pretty sheen, glossy and not that streaky. But I also think it’s a bit too dark and vampy for me and I may change it in two months instead of three πŸ™‚

Hopefully, the Internet will stop acting like a child soon!


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