Dear Computer Gods,

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

This totally unanticipated virus is seriously putting me out of my element. I am deeply upset. I miss the whiteness and perfect size of my precious little Sony VAIO. I do not appreciate the return of this old, monstrous dinosaur of a laptop.

Please fix my baby as soon as possible. Thank you.

(As chilliness is fast approaching and my toesies are in need of something fluffy and my old Dakota Uggs are quite battered, you can totally make it up to me with one or more of the following:

A new pair of Dakota UGG’s as I am immensely fond of them. They are warm and soft and silky, and this color is wonderfully preppy for fall.

I have heard great things about Minnetonka. They are classic and timeless, super super SUPER cushy and toasty, and the very originals.

But most of all, I would just like to say that I am unbelievably smitten with these delightful steppers from L.L. Bean. The color is incredibly scrumptious… Persimmon! Oh, my! It looks small and fitted, and I want them.



PS. Okay, but seriously. The computer. Please. With chocolate chips and Nutella on top.


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