Odds and Ends

October 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have the world’s suckiest Internet in my hands at this very moment.

It will function very nicely until you click on anything at all, and then it shuts itself off for three minutes. Honestly, it’s more immature than a three-year-old. And not as cute.

I think the internet people are coming on the morrow to reroute the network or whatever else tech-savvy people do to make Internet work. I am a slave to modern technology. Geez.

Now, bear in mind, this will be the randomest post ever. I have noticed that my scatter-brainness has increased tenfold.

Issue #1.

My daddy came home this weekend from a two-week trip to China! Very exciting, as he got to spend some time with both sides of the family and was able to regale us with funny tales for the past two days. He came bearing presents:

Most of the presents related to food in some way. No surprises there. He did haul back this gigansaurus box of mooncakes. It’s huge. As big as a suitcase. But, there were only a few measly mooncakes in there. I celebrated a belated Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival by nibbling a tiny sliver of a mooncake. Good, but my momma makes ’em better 🙂

Issue #2.

Outfit of the Day.

I don’t by any means call myself a fashionista. I’m definitely not one of the most fashionable girls at school nor am I particularly known for my clothing. I just happen to love love love clothes and buy a lot of stuff any chance I get. And once in awhile, I put something together that’s real cute. In my opinion. That I’d like to share with you 😉

So perhaps I’ll have one of these “Outfit of the Days” once or twice a week. This is a test photo and the lighting sucks, my hair is totally uninspired, and the background is whack. It’ll get better, I promise.

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Garden Collection by H&M

Jeans: Forever21 cheapie jeanies.

Belt: Forever21

Flats: Steve Madden

Aaaaand finally, Issue #3.

Nail color! I’m a very boring person nail color-wise. I’m always too lazy to pick up the friggin’ polish and do my nails. Especially my toenails. But, I do pick up a different color every three months or so and then just continue to repolish over the chipped parts and whatnot until I’m deathly bored of it.

I grew out of my hot pink summery nails this weekend and swiped on some Bahama Mama dark red nail polish by Essie. I’m likin’ how sleek it looks and the wine color. The formula is also fantastic and it goes on with a pretty sheen, glossy and not that streaky. But I also think it’s a bit too dark and vampy for me and I may change it in two months instead of three 🙂

Hopefully, the Internet will stop acting like a child soon!



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