Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello dears,

I have very much neglected this corner of cyberspace this past week. Just a few excuses:

A dead and gone computer, an big, slow dinosaur of a (new?) old computer, three major school tests, an SAT Subject Test, college applications, an annoying cold, and uh… shopping. Yes, that definitely counts.

Therefore, I have much to share!

First things first… Meet my new friend Pipsqueak:

Sorry for the blurry (ahem, artsy) photo, but I couldn’t get any good ones of him in his plastic container. He is for a science project. No worries, he is for a completely ethical and non-harmful science project. But he’s sooooo pret-ty. You can’t tell in pictures, but he is this really shiny, luminescent purple and silver color. So gorgeous!

As a reward to myself for finishing up my SAT Literature test, I went shopping with my two best friends on Saturday. We of course spent 90% of our time at the new and improved Forever21. This beauty was on sale for less than 15 bucks. I couldn’t decide between an XS (better length, tighter bust) or a S (sliiightly looser fit overall), but finally decided on a S. I think the XS would’ve worked better as a casual summer dress but the S will work as both a day dress AND as a semi-formal dress because the material is right for such an occasion. Another view:

I absolutely LOVE the detail, the color, and the neckline. It’s different from any other dress I have. I did end up picking the Small and I already have the perfect (semi-formal) occasion picked out for it. Also at Forever21, I was very much inclined to buy the cutest sweater dress (the striped blob you see by my feet in the above picture). But being the indecisive person I am, I spent thirty minutes picking out a color and then finally just left it altogether. I might go back later this week to return something and pick it up again…

This adorable red ikat skirt is also in my possession now. I always say that I can never have enough cardigans and high-waisted skirt, so I’m proving myself right once again. This skirt is soooo pretty in person. I was about to buy it in turquoise too, but then I thought… Overkill.

Believe it or not, it was this tiny button that first caught my eye and urged me to try this on 🙂

I was with these two pretty girls the entire day and it definitely rocked my socks off. We did end up getting those furry vests for Twin Day at school (rest assured, nothing else from this ridiculous outfit…) but I am probably going to return it the day after and get the sweater dress instead.

Funny story– We were at Starbucks waiting for our drinks and there was this one lone coffee cup waiting on the counter. It had been there for five minutes or so, and on our way out my friend Mollie asked if we could just take it. The barista didn’t even hesitate to say yes so we walked away with a hefty vanilla latte.

What I did pay for was this extra delicious Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. I do like the hot version better, but as I was in the middle of a shopping mall, I didn’t want to get too heated up with a warm drink.

And on a parting note, here are some tea eggs that my mom made. One of my favorite traditional Chinese delicacies of all time.

Peace out,



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