Oh So Pitiful

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m feeling extremely sorry for myself right now. I am sniffly and fever-ish and sore. Therefore, I do what only makes sense:

1. Load up on the OJ.

2. Shovel down cheesy, carby seafood pasta from Olive Garden by the forkful even though… you know, you don’t have any taste buds.

3. Taunt yourself by eating half of a delicious, light, airy, moist, creamy, perfect Lemon Cream Cake that once again, you can’t fully enjoy. Power of the mind, that’s what.

4. Treat yourself with 15 minutes of extra sleep in the morning instead of rising to exercise. Finish a Economics test, do some water testing with your pretty little beta fish, go home and sleep for the majority of the school day, and go back to school for 45 minutes to learn some Calculus.

And 5. Cuddle with your Mama.



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