Southern Festivity

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

The past few days have been nonstop chaos, which is why I am only updating now. Last week was Homecoming Week and down here in Texas, that’s a big deal. We held a Carnival at school on Friday and then the big game was on Friday night. We won by 35 points… Victory!

Here are pictures from the hectic day:

Senior crowns are a tradition! People get them from Burger King and decorate them splendidly.

An adorable picture of my best friend and me 🙂

My dear friend Ashley and I have come a long way.

Student Council brought in an old car to be smashed. Of course, our rival’s name was spray-painted all over it. Release the anger, kids!

The Jewelry Club sold the most darling bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

My overflowing Coke float from the Orchestra booth.

The longest friend I have had that goes to my school. We have been through so much together. Six years of sibling-hood!

My friend Jzavon has made Art History quite entertaining this year!

Discovering something new with Susan.

My beautiful friend Meg 🙂 I covet her hair color.

Highly intense photo-reviewing time.

NHS members donated 1500+ cake balls and these were the leftovers, which are going to be used as teacher appreciation gifts.

Part II to come tomorrow!



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