Eff Double Oh Dee

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

…Spells food!

Last Saturday, I attended the Houston Italian Festival as a volunteer. I was there for a few hours serving LOTS of slices of pizza (which is ironic, since I volunteered at my school district’s Imagination Celebration yesterday morning and served pizza there too), but we walked around afterwards to listen to music and inhale some fuel. I picked up some Rigatini Al Forno, which looked and smelled divine (as seen above), but wasn’t the BEST pasta I’ve had in my life, which is kind of sad since it was at an Italian festival. Still pretty darn tasty though!

This week was a total Cafe Adobe-fest in my house. One night I had fish tacos which prompted an omgomgomgomg reaction. The fish was grilled nicely with a smoky flavor, offset wonderfully with the differing textures of the tortillas and veggies and the sauce added just the right amount of spice. I love my fish tacos and this one was certainly a contender for a gold medal.

That wasn’t all. I went again for this…

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas! This is my favorite thing to order at Cafe Adobe. Still as amazing as ever… The sour cream just tastes so incredibly wonderful with the shredded chicken. The salsa was too spicy for me so I scraped it aside, but everything else was absolutely heavenly.

And finally, the Tres Leche cake has taken my heart. Creamy and fragrant and just soggy enough and the icing, ohmygod the icing was sweet but not sugary. Soft and dense and so full of mouthwatering goodness. Toooooo delicious.



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