Life List Item #10: Attend a Midnight Showing of a Movie

November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I think this may be the longest I’ve gone without blogging since the day I started the blog. What’ve I been up to? Oh, you know– college applications, trips to the Northeast (more on that later this week!), enjoying my time as a senior in high school. As per ushje (uje? ushe? ooj?). Now that we’re on Thanksgiving Break, I’ll probably make up for time lost here!

So the first minute of Friday, November 19th marked a very important moment in history. The beginning notes of Hedwig’s Theme echoed all around the world. Masses of teenagers, kids, adults, grandparents even, most likely cheered as the lights dimmed. It was the moment that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I was first viewed by the planet. I was among the 24 million people who was present in a movie theater at that moment. And so, I marked off list item #10: to attend a midnight showing of a movie.

The tickets to our main movie theater was already sold out three weeks in advance, when we first thought about booking some. Two other nearby theaters were sold out as well, so we settled on one a good thirty minutes away. It’s known to be in a very shady mall. We were a bit creeped out, but since our group was so big, none of us was too concerned. There we are– first people in line!

We were there so early (5 PM!) that none of the management really knew what to do with us. The lines weren’t even set up yet! Here, my friends even tried to lift a bench from the mall into the theater so we could chill. The employees even offered to let us go into another movie if we wanted. How did we occupy our time?

By playing Liar’s Dice and board games (and posting on Facebook)…

And by playing Never Have I Ever with a mixed ICEE that we intentionally concocted to taste nasty…

By reveling in our costumes…

By having story time with a narrator and animated voices… (and extra embellishments, no less)

By eating… My friend Will brought along two boxes of pizzas and we all ate and shared heartily.

By taking pictures (and playing more Liar’s Dice) in the theater. The employees felt kind of sorry for all the people waiting in line for hours, so they let the first 150 people in line get seats and wait inside the theater for the last two hours. Being first in line, we of course got the best seats 🙂 The entire theater was pretty anxious for the movie to start, but we made the best of it– we started a theater-wide rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’!

By talking and laughing and having a general great time with friends in matching outfits…

And by napping.

I do so love the fact that I have friends who would go through this 10+ hour experience with me (7 hours of waiting, 3 of watching the movie, plus one or two more for transportation/showers/getting ready time).

Do you see my friend Kris in the corner? What a sneaky cat.

And then I snuggled into my friend’s Harry Potter blanket, put my feet up, and watched the long-awaited movie.

A Short Review: I am a longtime diehard fan of Harry Potter, so I have very high expectations for the movies and the books. I was sorely disappointed by the fourth, fifth, and sixth movies so I honestly didn’t come into the seventh one hoping for too much. But actually, I came out amazed. I must admit that the beginning wasn’t done too well– I really did not like how the escape scene was done through Muggle tunnels and streets. I highly doubt that JK Rowling would’ve wanted for her beloved characters to almost indifferently harm Muggles for their own sake (I don’t want to go too much into detail for those who haven’t watched it yet!). Deathly Hallows as a whole did drag on a bit, but that is the way that the books were as well. As a whole, the movie remained highly faithful to the book, most likely because of its being split into two movies and having more time to fit everything in. The characters do seem ever-solemn, but then again, that is the nature of the situation. Ron Weasley and his brothers presented much of the comical relief. All in all, I was very pleased with the film and will watch it over and over again! I can’t wait for the second half!

But boy oh boy did we pay for it the next day!

Until next time,



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