Travel Diary 6: Most Magical Place on Earth, Pt 2

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Feet aching, muscles groaning, I still managed to haul myself up and out the door in time to beat the crowds at Epcot, the biggest Disney park. We were already in the gates a little after opening time and managed to avoid the sea of people, but only a few hours later, the place was absolutely packed and you literally had to squeeze and push your way around.

{ the Epcot landmark }

Upon arrival, we mugged for a few photos and headed straight into the first attraction which was located inside of the ball– Spaceship Earth. It basically takes you through the history of the world by way of little scenes with wax dolls. Then, you virtually determine the future of the Earth. Very mellow and chill.

{ Coca-Cola products from around the world }

The front area of Epcot is dedicated to mostly virtual rides, the current and the future world. Make sure you stop by Sum of all Thrills in Innoventions, the coolest ride ever. In short, you get to design your own ride and then experience it in a real-life robotic arm. ‘The Land’ also features a couple cool rides- the Greenhouse Tour and Soarin’ were my favorites. But an absolute winner is not a ride at all! Inside of the Club Cool are many soda dispensers which feature Coca-Cola products from all around the world. You can take as many sample cups as you’d like and try out all the drinks! Free drinks! Yay!

Epcot differs from other theme parks in that it doesn’t have any roller coasters. Its attractions feature mostly virtual rides and visual attractions. For me, a total wimp, I prefer it this way 🙂

{ a beautiful panoramic of Epcot – click to enlarge }

Meanwhile, the back part of Epcot is dedicated to country pavilions that really put an emphasis on history, culture, and heritage. I thought that they were all very beautiful. I made a stop at each one (except for Mexico which was TOO crowded, but I live too close to it anyways…) and loved each one, but my favorites were probably Morocco, China, and Italy. And Germany for food. And the US for food too. [Food = pretzels and turkey legs. Yum.]

{ I’m actually not too sure what this is supposed to be. }

But it was in Norway. If that helps at all. I personally think it’s either Dobby or Kreacher in blown-up form. By the time we hit Norway, the place was already blazing with body heat. So gross. But I overheard someone saying that the parking attendants said that it was the most crowded day in 5 years.

{ public telephone booths in the United Kingdom pavilion }

{vibrant colors & beautiful architecture made Morocco stunning }

{ beautiful scenery in the China pavilion }

I’m probably just a tad biased, but the China pavilion was one of my favorites due largely in part because of the acrobatic performance. Children way younger than me were balancing tables on their feet and spinning chairs around and doing crazy jump-rope tricks. It put me to shame. I weep at thirty minutes with Jillian Michaels everyday doing push-ups.

{ lunch at the Lotus Blossom Cafe }

Speaking of the China pavilion, I totally ate there. Yeah, me who dislikes all Chinese food. But I went for my yummy orange chicken and the not-so-yummy eggrolls and the festive celebratory soda cup.

{ don’t ask. }

My mom is apparently the Bird Whisperer. But ignore that– pretty lake!

{ ey, homies. }

{ So long, 2010! }

At around 6 PM, they passed out hats and horns which led to immediate noise pollution. There were a ton of dance parties around Epcot- at least four or five I think. My favorites were in Italy and China (fire! fire! fire!) but the DJ by the Fountain was highly impressive.

{ oh, why hello 2011! Didn’t see ya there! }

Before we knew it, it was a new year. New beginnings, new chapters, yadda yadda yadda. And then we ran away and beat traffic and went home and soaked our dying feet in the HUMONGOUS jacuzzi and then went to bed soundly like good little children.




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