I Believe…

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

{I Believe} will be the new weekly feature on my blog! Part ‘Confessions,’ part guilty pleasures, part wishful thinking, and part good-old-fashioned philosophy, I was inspired by countless blogs that do something similar and by Glamour magazine’s “Hey, It’s OK!” feature, which is my favorite thing to read in the magazine any time. I’ll most likely do {I Believe} on Fridays or the weekends, but here’s the first one!

I Believe…

  • that my scale is broken.
  • in three day weekends.
  • in going for long car rides just for an excuse to listen to music.
  • Taylor Swift is real music.
  • that taking a few… 30 seconds… to switch songs while exercising is perfectly valid. Even if Jillian Michaels tells me to stop.
  • in carbo-loading.
  • that ‘getting dressed’ on weekends consists of a sweatshirt and yoga pants.
  • in new, fancy refrigerators with a working ice machine!
  • in planning vacations.
  • in girl crushes. Mine is Natalie Portman! And Jennifer Aniston! And Kate Winslet! And AnneHathawayKateMiddletonAllthefamousKatesVictoria’sSecretAngels, ohmygod this is unhealthy.
  • that there is nothing sweeter than sleeping in your own bed.
  • in waking up at noon.
  • in big, humongous dinners!




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