Me Time

January 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s the best kind of feeling when you feel like it’s a Tuesday, but then you take a second look at the calender and realize… It’s actually Wednesday! A day closer to the weekend, hooray! But sometimes, I feel guilty for thinking thoughts like that. Last year, my teacher ingrained the philosophy of “sucking the marrow out of life” (good man, Thoreau) and enjoying every day and moment for what it is instead of anticipating tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

An introspective mood I’m in today, I see.

{ road trip home from Orlando }

I don’t have much to share today, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my new “me time.” For twelve years, I have been stuck working hard and late on schoolwork, club meetings, piano lessons, SAT practice, essay writing, the list goes on and on. Actually, that’s a bit of lie. It was more like… six years. The first six were bliss.

But the stress builds up and as we grow older, we take less and less time for ourselves. Now, I’m not talkin’ bout watching TV for an hour or going to a party or whatnot. I’m talking about time that’s totally dedicated to ourselves purely for thinking and philosophizing and relaxing and expanding the mind. (Pft to the last one.)

Now that my future’s a bit clearer than it was say, two months ago, I’ve started to make more time for me, myself, and I. I don’t do anything drastic– not hours of bathing and meditation for me. That’s a few years off for me yet. No, I’m reading more, creating more, blogging more. I shower longer, journal more, allow myself to get inspired by the little things. And you know what I’ve realized? I’ve become so much more mellow, relaxed, and less stressed out in the past weeks. It’s wonderful. Magic.

When I was wee lass, my sister and I went to the public library every week and hauled home piles of books to revel in. As of late though, I venture to the library only when my sister’s home (three-to-four week intervals last year and now a LOT less, sad face) and I come home with six or seven books and end up returning them with only a couple read. It’s tear-inducing. But it’s okay, I’m doctoring this situation all up and am planning to make more trips to the library, check out more books, and regain my love for the written word in story form.

I just finished two books by Ann Brashares (she of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame). One is called My Name is Memory and the other is called The Last Summer (of You and Me). Both are exceptionally well-written and easy to read, although the storylines and characters are so unarguably different. I’ve recommended both to various friends, in an effort to get them to take more time to read and guess what? They are totally going with it! While both novels are love stories in a sense, the reader is questioned and provoked to think time after time after time after time. That’s the best kind of book!

So yes, hopefully this long-winded spiel won’t end up dead on its stomach because there are several more books I am itching to read!

What’s your me time activity?


Oh and PS– I’m on Day 15 of the 30 Day Shred and it’s going well! I’m at the halfway point– I’ve noticed that my strength and stamina are revved up high, target spots are toning, etc. etc. And I’ve only skipped one day and that was because I had a tummyache! Go me!!!


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