Cross Country

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m in need of pretty little cross-body bag for college.

I love that. How I can justify everything I want with “for college.” It’s one of those happy things in life.

Oh, hi. You are pretty. You are also $1500. But I guess if your designer’s name is Marc Jacobs, you have a right to be so frustratingly hard to get. Nicely played, purse.

This lovely number by Kate Spade just waltzed right in and stole my heart. But at almost $400, it’s still a reach item. Someday, someday.

Which brings me to Old Ye Faithful, the fine establishment called Gap. While this bag is affordable at $40 and pretty darn adorable, it doesn’t give me heart palpitations like the loud orange Kate Spade.

I’m imagining something: brown, utilitarian, worn-in, teensy but not too teensy. I’ll be on the lookout. Meanwhile…

I need shoes [for college].

I need loads of boxes [for college, and definitely not to live out my childhood dream of having an Out-of-the-Box worthy playhouse].

I need chocolate cake [for college].




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