I Believe…

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • This week has dragged on, kicking and screaming and in general making a mess of itself.
  • A vanilla milkshake can that and everything else wrong in the world.
  • As can two burgers in one day– turkey and regular.
  • That the addition of avocados, lettuce, and tomatoes make said burgers healthy. Plus cheese for calcium. Or something.
  • That I could very well burrow myself into bed for the entire weekend without getting out, that’s how tired I am.
  • Chocolate cake from Olive Garden blows all fancy-schmancy chocolate cakes out of the water.
  • That this post is overwhelming about food. No shame.
  • A shopping expedition is needed. But probably won’t be had for a couple of weeks.
  • Next week should be abundant in cheer as it’ll be Chinese New Year’s! How’s that for poetry?
  • Pride & Prejudice is the best book in the history of books.
  • Tummy aches suck.
  • That this week was just not good. Oh wait, I said that already? My brain needs some shut-eye.
  • That it’s time for bed. At 9:20. Really? How old am I?




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