Year of the Rabbit

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am so amused.

There is a 60% chance for 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow and school got called off. Oh, the perks of living in south Texas 🙂 It was quite endearing to witness all of the students immediately perking up at the news of a snow day– there hasn’t been an official snow day here in more than twelve years.

Oh and– Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday, my mommy made dumplings in celebration. I don’t appreciate meat as much as I should, so she made me ones with shrimp and celery filling. Today, after my dad finally came home (he’s been stranded in Kansas for three days), we kicked it up a notch and went to a Chinese buffet. I still smell like grease and fried rice.

All this down-home business would not cut it in Asia right now. I should definitely add “experience Lunar New Years” in Asia onto my bucket list because apparently they take out the big guns out east. I would love to experience all the lanterns and redness and family and red envelopes!

It’s been a dead couple days, so hopefully these posts will get more interesting soon once the snow rejuvenates me. May your year be filled with good fortune, good health, and happiness!



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