Wintry Days

February 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

You know that feeling when you are so cold that you can’t numb your fingers and your heart feels like it’s on standstill and your hair practically turns into a nest of icicles and your lips turn blue? Yeah, I don’t either. Except for that one time in Chicago.

But just in case I ever do, I’d want to be well prepared to look cute while I’m at it:

I’ve heard great things about Hunter wellies and Hunter thermal socks. They look clunky by themselves, but look tres chic with leggings and/or skinny jeans and keep you warm at the same time. I’d want them in dark brown because as much as I’d welcome the warmth, I’d hardly want to look like a firefighter on a mission. Not that a firefighter on a mission would look anything less than tres chic.

I’m a trend snob. I think I’m too cool for trends. And then fast-forward two months and I’m all over a trend. So fickle of me, I know. I did turn my nose up at the phenomenon known as circle scarves or infinity scarves because they look like uncomfortable and awkward. But my friend showed me up and came to school lookin’ like she just walked off the runway at NY Fashion Week and I ate my words right there. Apparently these get a bit pricey those (this one is on Etsy for 32  bucks), so it’s a good thing that my mom is going to knit me one. Or is it?

Long sweater cardigans have been looking particularly wonderful lately as well. It’s chic and it just looks cozier than coats and jackets. The chunkier, looser, and prettier the better- and belted up too!

Non-chapped, smooth, non-icky lips are a must in such extreme weather, too. This one’s my favorite.

A personal trick of mine when I’m freezing in my 59degree Houston climate and can’t be bothered to put on anything cuter than sweats is to crank up the hair straightener and straighten the heck out of my hair and then warm my hands on my steaming hair. What’s a bit of sacrifice for a lot of warmth?

Or we could all just throw our hands up and decide to walk around wearing belted Snuggies if all else fails.



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